High-Tech Japanese Translators For Language Learners


There are many basic things in life that we find so hard to accomplish, especially due to laziness, or just staring at your phone the whole day. Even arranging your house can be a problem if you don’t set your priorities right. This is also apply to languages. For example, you may want to know something in Japanese, and you may not have the time to check in the dictionary. Now this is where Japanese translators come in! So, do you need one? If yes, here are some of the best Japanese translators to give you an easy job.

1. Japanese Translator offline (iOS)

You don’t have to worry if your data plan, or internet connection isn’t the best one. What you may need is an app that you’ll be able to access offline. Offline apps like Xung Le’s Japanese translator is free. It is an offline app for iPhone and iPad users doing their translations off the grid. You need a big memory space since the app takes long to install. If you succeed, you will have a chance of enjoying speedy translations of up to 200,000 words. The words will be in sentences and phrases anytime you need them. This app can also help you check directions, and any other thing related to translation.

2. Romaji Desu (Browser)

This website offers kana to English translation, which focuses on spoken Japanese. It also translates Kana to romaji, although not easy with a software. It analyzes kana by splitting it to numerous decipher the romaji translation. This browser helps when it comes to learning the sentence structure and particles, which it highlights in blue text.

3. J-Talk’s Kanji to Hiragana Translator (Browser)

Do you want to read Kanji, but don’t know how to? Japanese isn’t easy, especially its method of writing. Grasping it at first can take time, however, it gets better with time. This translator can help you translate a sentence quickly. You will learn to read a specific kanji in a sentence using this translator. Also, you will be able to see a definition of romanji in English immediately you select “Convert,” which takes you to a new page. And if you click on Kana, you will be able to view hiragana.

4. Jisho (Browser)

Jisho is a simple translator with unique specialties and anyone can use it. If you want to translate Kanji into English, you simply search for specific items, family names, and more. You can also search using Japanese translation service if you recall one Kanji in a particular word. Just check for that Kanji and the English definition of that word you want to find.

5. Google Translate

Many people have used Google to translate, even Japanese learners. However, Google Translate isn’t the best when it comes to Japanese translating kana into English the way it should be. But it’s still beneficial in translating anything as long as you have a smart phone camera. Google is still an innovative technology if you are using occasional odd translation. It has an audio you can use to speak and listen to specific translations. If you want to speed check a translation, Google can be a useful tool for that.

6. Ili (Device)

When it comes to innovation, this device is everything. Its 100% real and very valuable when it comes to traveling to different countries. No matter how small this translator is, it works offline. You don’t need internet connection to access it; hence, making it convenient even in remote areas. This device allows Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish. Just press the circular button and tell the speaker anything you want translated. It is much faster to speak whatever you want translated than typing. It also gives you quick results as soon as you relay your message.

If you want to experience top-notch Japanese translation service, use the above-mentioned translators for language learners. It will help you translate numerous languages, such as Japanese to English. Language translation makes it easier when it comes to communicating with people, or sectors using varied languages. Some translation software do not require you to be online before you can use them. This makes it easier to access translation services in whichever area without any restriction.

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