Hiring Professional Auto Transporters Can Be a Smart Move

Did you know that the average American drives around 13,500 miles per year? Just a day or two without our vehicles can be torture!

It should come as no surprise that when Americans relocate, they usually bring their current cars. Otherwise, it can be a nightmare to sort out a car after they’ve moved.

Bringing your car along is no easy feat either though. Driving across the country can be taxing on both your vehicle and you. So why not hire professional auto transporters instead?

Getting professional auto transport can be a smart decision, especially if you’re stressed out about the move already. Read on to find out why and to see what your options are!

You Can Save Time

The biggest inconvenience about driving your car across the country is how much time it’ll take. From coast to coast, it can take a week to make this journey!

Do you really want to spend the last of your time driving for countless hours? Probably not.

When you hire car movers, you can cut that drive out and spend time doing more important things. For example, you can have a packing party with your friends and go to dinner with them afterward. Making these valuable memories before you leave can be priceless!

You Can Save Money

Not only can you save time by using car shipping services, but you can also save money. Yes, you’re spending some cash to hire these professionals, but in the end, you’ll have more left in your bank account.

Think about all the expenses you’ll eliminate. You no longer have to pay for gas, as well as meals, snacks, and accommodations. Also, you don’t have to worry about random repairs for things like a flat tire or broken windshield.

You won’t have to take time off of work to do a long-distance drive either. Think of all the money you can keep in your pocket when you can work right up to the actual day of your move!

It’ll Be Safer

Any time spent on the road is dangerous since everyone’s operating heavy machinery. The longer your drive is, the more chances you’ll lose your concentration or even doze off.

Not to mention, Mother Nature tends to be unpredictable. You never know if you’ll hit rainy, icy, and/or windy roads!

It’s much safer if you leave the driving up to the auto transport company. They’ll use drivers who are expertly trained to handle any roads. Plus, they’ll be able to make long drives while staying completely alert.

Your Car Will Have Less Wear and Tear

No matter if your car’s old or new, a long-distance drive will put wear and tear on it, even if you go over the smoothest roads. In the best-case scenario, there will just be extra miles on your odometer. And in the worst-case scenario, you might have a completely broken-down vehicle.

Don’t leave things up to chance when it comes to your mode of transport. An auto transporter can load and ship your car safely and securely. When you receive it at your dropoff location, it’ll be in one piece with not a scratch on it.

You Can Ship Multiple Vehicles

Are you moving with adult kids who drive? Then chances are, you need to move more than 1 car. Trying to make a road trip with the entire family can turn into a costly nightmare in that case.

Auto transporters will be able to pick up and deliver all cars at once so all the stress is gone. And even better, you’ll usually get a nice discount for giving them so much business!

You Can Get Door-to-Door Service

You don’t have to deal with the hassle of driving out to and back from meetup points. Instead, you can have the trucker deliver your car from door to door!

If you’re super-busy, then this can be a huge timesaver.

Your Options for Auto Shipping

What’s great about auto shipping is you have several options available to suit your needs and budget. Here are the parameters you can set.

Type of Trailer

You can ship your car in either an open or enclosed trailer. The cheaper option is the open trailer since there are more truckers and they can haul more vehicles at once. However, the downside is your car is left vulnerable to the elements and thieves, so it may not be ideal for those with valuable vehicles.

Enclosed trailers keep your car well protected, but they come at a price. Not only is it more expensive for this service, but it’s more difficult to book your ideal appointment time. However, it can be worth it to pay more and compromise on pickup/dropoff times to ensure your treasured vehicle is under the best care possible.

Shipping Speed

Need your car in a hurry? Then opt for expedited shipping. It’ll cost you a fortune, but it’ll give you access to next-day or even same-day pickup services.

Otherwise, you can choose economy or standard shipping. Those who have a limited budget will want to choose economy shipping. It’ll take the longest, so it’ll benefit you to book auto shipping as soon as you know you’ll need it.

Hire Professional Auto Transporters Today

As you can see, professional auto transporters offer so many benefits. By spending a small sum of money, you can have peace of mind knowing your precious vehicle is shipped safely.

So do yourself a favor and let the pros handle everything. You’ll be glad you did when you see how much stress is taken off your move!