Historical Satellite Image Provider

SpyMeSat differs from other satellite image providers. With SpyMeSat, we offer a mobile application for both Android and iOS devices. We provide access to various past satellite images. You can snap pictures in any location and preview or buy the best resolution commercial satellite images within the application. This process is quick and straightforward, allowing you to have access to satellite imagery right at your fingertips. SpyMeSat also offers the “World’s Longest Selfie Stick” allowing any user to request a picture to be taken. This feature provides image time, processing, acceptance, and delivery updates.

One live satellite feature is also emerging, which offers various benefits for different industries and individuals. It provides real-time monitoring and tracking, accurate and detailed imagery, and plays a crucial role in emergency response and disaster management.

Why SpyMeSat?

With our historical satellite image providers, you have access to various satellites with high responses, clarity, and affordability that can meet anyone’s satellite needs. With constantly updated satellites makes us the #1 choice in satellite tasking. You no longer have to wait for quotes from other satellite providers; our prices are upfront and reliable for all customers.

  • We are the first mobile app that can notify you when a satellite in space could be taking your picture!
  •  Instant access to the latest commercial satellite imagery through in-app purchase!
  • Uses published satellite orbit data from NORAD and publicly available satellite information to compute and dynamically display satellite flyovers and imaging opportunities
  • Available for iPhone and Android
  • Including the feature Pass Details that provides additional information about a specific upcoming imaging opportunity including start and end times
  •  Archived imagery is available on-demand
  • Purchased images are available on smartphones within seconds
  • With Pass Details The user can:
  • Set a variety of preferences:
  • Enable/Disable specific satellites
  •  Set the resolution limit for notifications
  • Select notification options
  • Select a specific  time for computations

What We Offer

With SpyMeSat, you receive updated and current images along with the following:

  •       Real-Time Imaging Satellite Tracking
  •       Preview Images
  •       Receive Images in SpyMeSat app
  •       Tasking Feature – request images of any location on the Earth
  •       Affordability
  •       Receive a notification when in range of a satellite
  •       Customize an area you want tracked and how you want to be alerted
  •       High-Resolution Images
  •       Pass Details – offering start and end times of satellite images
  •       Individual information about satellites
  •       Enable or Disable certain satellites

On-Demand Satellite Images and Pricing

SpyMeSat customers have full access to the best resolution and current satellite images. SpyMeSat has agreements with:

  •       DigitalGlobe
  •       Planet
  •       KOMPSAT

Depending on the age, size and resolution, most prices are affordable for all customers ranging from $10 to $100 per image. You can preview lower resolution pictures to view the quality before purchasing from your device. Once you have purchased the image, it will be delivered via the SpyMeSat mobile app in seconds. You may receive an email link to download the image in GeoTIFF format. However, please read and follow all licensing restrictions listed within the mobile app.  Here is the best image provider tool https://www.searchbyimage.org/.

How Do We Get Our Information?

SpyMeSat uses information from Orbit that is powered by the data distributed from NORAD. We use the orbit information to help foresee the different satellite positions. The functionality of the satellite camera or sensor is sponsored by other satellite operator locations or public internet sources. We, however, use this information to help calculate possible image resolutions and area of the satellite. By using the orbit information and camera location with simple calculations allows us to forecast the image opportunities, position, and resolution provided on the SpyMeSat application.

 “World’s Largest Selfie Stick”

SpyMeSat users can use the new “Tasking” feature. With the “Tasking” feature, you can have a satellite take a picture anywhere on the Earth. This feature also provides users with updates from other satellites including a notification several hours before the image is taken. This gives you time to get your friends and family outside for a “space-selfie!”