History of Beer Pong

Beer pong is the usual diversion among, of course, beer drinkers. You attempt to shoot a ping pong ball into one of your opponent’s six (or ten) cups of beer on the other end of the table. If your ball lands into the cup, you take away the cup of your opponent and drink the beer. The first team who eliminates all of the cups emerges as the winner — and probably will be the most drunk!

And like any other drinking games, beer pong’s origins date back to ancient times. Here are some of the interesting historical acts about beer pong!


…. or any other kind of table, actually. In the absence of the net of the ping pong table, you would instead have a broomstick or a 2’x4′ at the center of the table. That serves as your “net.”


While most of participants pay to join the World Series of Beer Pong, many teams are also able to gain entrance the WSOBP through the WSOBP Satellite Tournament. These are smaller tournaments that are held regionally. Local bars and Beer Pong leagues, who team up with the WSOBP, offer competitions with the admission to the WSOBP as the grand prize.


Because these municipalities and states believe that beer pong would promote binge drinking.


Doctors warn that beer pong may cause players to become too intoxicated and cause them to suffer alcohol poisoning. The “dunk cup” — a cup of water where the ping-pong ball is washed before players begin shooting — may also contain E. coli bacteria.


In the game of beer pong, there are two teams consisting at least two players on each side of the table. Of course if they have a large group of friends, more can participate in this game.


Although there is a lot of stuff on the Internet that claims to be the “official guide” to playing beer pong, none of them is actually the definitive guide as beer pong continues to evolve.


The World Series of Beer Pong started in January 2006 in Nevada. Today, it is the biggest beer tournament not only in the United States but in the whole world as well. Participants play the game for cash prizes — and enjoy the bonus of drinking free beer, whether they win or lose. The tournament is hosted by bpong.com.


Beer pong represents everything American. It appeals to every ordinary American, promotes innovation and encourages some kind of an “ego trip.” Plus they get to enjoy beer, of course, as the United States is famous for its beer (and beer-drinkers).


Beer pong is also a the favorite game at bars, colleges and universities, sports events and tailgating parties.


The game is sometimes called “six-cup” because the minimal number of cups for each side is six, although it can also be played with 10 cups each.


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