History of Green Tea You should know before next sip!

Back in the time, when green tea was discovered, it was supposed to be a luxury item, which was only available to the top tiers of the society and only they could afford it.
It was only in the later period, i.e., 14th century, the tea became available to general public at large and was highly popularized all across the world soon.

The tea was discovered by accident in China, when the Chinese Emperor Shennong mistakenly drank water that had a dead tea leaf boiled in it.
He later found the solution to be quite delicious and rejuvenating. This is how the beverage was introduced to the world.

During the Tang Dynasty, in 800 AD, a book titles ‘Cha Jing’ or the ‘The Classic of Tea’, was framed by a Chinese man named Lu Yu, who grew up brewing and serving tea and eventually got so involved in it he decided to write down all his research altogether.
This book later turned out to be one of the most important findings in the green tea culture.

The growing, harvesting and processing of the tea leaves require a lot of hard work and techniques to give you the best flavors out there.

After China, it made new waves in Europe and then later on Great Britain. It became so popular in Britain that almost every other person besides black tea, was having this amazing find in the world of beverages.

Slowly and eventually you could find the option at almost every café and restaurant.
Soon new flavors were added to the original one to give the customers a different palette of choices.

Still, you will find that the beverage has a much more popularity in the countries of Japan and China than any others, because of its origin.
As per the official data of the 2015, China turned out to be the largest exporter of Green tea, exporting about 80% of the world’s requirement.

As and when the choices increased, so did the benefits arriving from it increased. The tea has a huge list of health benefits in addition to the refreshing taste.

In India, tea being the most staple beverage of the people, green tea has also made its way into people’s kitchen in order to retain all its health benefits.
Where on one side, you are holding onto the most important start of the day with a cup of chai, there are people who have starting replacing their morning cup of regular tea with the green tea to increase the metabolism of the body and immunity as well.

People have been switching over to this beverage for its many medicinal advantages offered including better skin, controlling excessive fat, increasing brain activity, keeping in control heart health, checking blood sugar levels, reducing hair fall and many more.

Seeing the unfolding popularity of the beverage in the country slowly, many brands and companies came forward to distribute the product under their brand names and ultimately to the public.
Some of the big brands that entered into the market are Organic India, Lipton, First Bud Organics, Tetley and many others as well, which are well reviewed in the link given below.

Though the benefits far exceed the negatives, there is just one major one we can count and that would be the taste of the tea.
You need to develop the particular taste in order to continue with it. The one most important reason why it grew in India is because of the underlying benefits that it carries.

Also because of the new taste and origin of the beverage, people of the country have shown a trend to trust only the already established or the most popular brands and that is why the new companies are finding it tougher to enter the market.

To clear all your anxieties related to the brands, we have bought you a list of 11 best green tea brands available in India that are equally good or just a bit low or above each other to help you increase your directions in the right manner. 

There are many big and local companies selling great tea all over the country and therefore, we have included the Best Green Tea Brands available in India.

Selecting the perfect blend for yourself can be a little overwhelming if you have these many options and so start by analyzing which one would the best for your goals and requirements.

Always take caution so as to not drink too much of it, because even though the benefits are huge, there can be some health deterioration if the tea is consumed in a larger amount.
Problems like heartburn, headaches, insomnia, nausea, irregular heartbeats can develop on too much consumption.


Hence, if you want to take the maximum output from the tea, drink it in small amounts every day to keep health problems at bay.