History Of The Cinco De Mayo Flag


Cinco De Mayo is a Mexican holiday that commemorates the day Mexico’s victory over the French Army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. 

The holiday is very similar to the US Independence Day which is celebrated on July 4th when the US officially signed the declaration of independence. 

In fact, Cinco De Mayo has grown so popular that it’s even celebrated in the US states.

With a little background on Cinco De Mayo, lets deep-dive into the good stuff.

What Happened?

Cinco De Mayo or “5th of May” is celebrated because of Mexico’s triumphant victory of the France Army. 

France was using a debt issue to try and take over the country. If done properly Mexico would likely be speaking French as their primary language. 

After the Army of 6,500 French soldiers arrived in the City of Puebla, they were greeted by 4,500 Mexican soldiers that wouldn’t give up an inch of their territory. This ended up stopping the French puh for a limited time.

This holiday is celebrated in the US and Mexico and is recognizing the great victory of the French. 

What Was The French Goal?

With forces sent by Napoleon the 3rd, France wanted to establish a satellite state in Mexico. This would eventually grow more and more, but the Mexican Militia had other ideas. 

The French’s original plan was taking a route that leads directly to the capital. Unfortunately for them, this was blocked by the Mexican Militia. 

From this point, the French general Charles Latrille Laurencez ordered an attack that was an uphill battle. This was pretty easy for the Mexican’s and ended up wiping out 1,000 French soldiers. 

This led to one last final attack by the French which led to the surrendering due to lack of food, ammunition, and soldiers. On April 2nd, 1867, the Mexicans retook the city, which ended the French attack for good.

Who and Why Cinco De Mayo Is Celebrated

Cinco De Mayo was a huge day for Mexico. If this battle was lost, who knows where the country may have ended up.

The French were hoping to take over the city of Puebla. From there it could have moved from one city to another until the entire country was French Territory.

So.. How is Cinco De Mayo celebrated?

Although primarily celebrated in Puebla, the entire country of Mexico celebrates this victory as well as some Americans. 

Some of the common celebrations involve Mexican cultures such as food, dances, and alcohol.

In the heart of Puebla, there are often military parades, recreations, and other festival events.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Cinco De Mayo was a pivotal moment in Mexican culture. Instead of speaking Spanish the country of Mexico could be speaking French.

With the goal of taking over Puebla, who knows how far the French may have gone.

Luckily for Mexico, they were able to end off the aggressive attacks.

Cinco De Mayo or May 5th is now celebrated mostly by Mexico and even the US. Celebrations commonly consist of Mexican cultures such as food, drinks, parades, and even recreations of the battle.

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