History of Yanjing Beer


Yanjing Beer is one of the popular beer brands in the People’s Republic of China, and is also known to the world. It is produced by Beijing Yanjing Brewery, one of the largest beermakers in Asia, which also brews other lagers.

Yanjing: unbeatable in profits

So how did Yanjing Beer become the #1 beer brand in the China?

Tracing its corporate history, the Yanjing brewery was established in 1980, with an initial investment of 6.43 million Chinese yuan (about $1.05 million in today’s rate) and the expected brew capacity would be 10,000 kiloliters.

Over the past three decades Yanjing seems to have been unbeatable in terms of profits and volume of beer that they produce annually. Over the years they have been continually improving, most especially on the equipment that brews and manufactures their prized product, the Yanjing Beer, adopting the latest technology of beer brewing in their home country as well as abroad.

Excellence in business and quality

In 1993 (or some sources say 1997), the Yanjing Beer Group Company Limited was established. From its initial investment in 1980, the company’s revenues had continually grown. At its present numbers, their investment has expanded beyond the company’s expectations – amounting to 10.7 billion Chinese yuan, or an equivalent of about $1.75 billion (US). Yearly production usually averages beyond three million kiloliters.

Tracking its progress: from the time it was established, Yanjing produced 50,000 tons of beer annually in its first eight years. Production was then doubled to100,000 tons, and then tripled into 300,000 – transforming the small-scale brewery into one of the biggest beer powerhouses in China.

In 2008, Yanjing achieved its greatest pride yet as it was chosen as the official beer sponsor of the Beijing Olympics. It also has won several awards for excellence in quality, most notably the gold medal it received at an international exhibition in Brussels, Belgium.

The company also prides itself on its 29 affiliated firms, which dot every region in the country. It has been included as one of the top 500 Chinese commercial companies in terms of revenues.

Yanjing Beer company also markets other types of beer: Yanjing Premium, Yanjing Black, Yanjing Draft, Yanjing Lemon Beer, Yanjing Pure Draft Ice Beer, Yanjing Style Draft, Yanjing Wuchun and so many other types. The company also produces other types of beverages such as soft drinks, iced teas, and sour plum juice drinks.

The company also has opened to international markets particularly in Canada and many Asian countries, in its ambitious bid to market the Yanjing brand to the world.

The company’s flagship product – Yanjing Beer itself – is said to have a pure, clean and refreshing taste, because its water comes from the springs of the YanShan Mountain in Beijing. And this is one of the reasons, along with the latest brewing techniques and the brand itself as well, that Yanjing Beer has been the #1 beer in China for 11 consecutive years, a position it still holds up to now.


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