Hobbies You Can Combine With Camping

Even though camping by itself is commonly considered a hobby, there are still plenty of things you can do while staying in nature to make it even better.

For many people who are regularly going on trips, camping has already become a lifestyle, and they can’t imagine their existence without it. Whether you want to have a great time on your weekend, or vacation, or searching for a new experience you can get, camping may become the best option to give you a rest and reboot both physically and mentally.

As spending all the time near your camp may be a little boring, you can expand your trip by adding some additional things to do. These can be hobbies you already have or are interested in. Let’s consider some of the most popular hobbies that can be easily combined with camping, providing you with a unique and exciting experience.


When we think about camping, traveling is the first thing that comes to mind. Visiting various beautiful and interesting locations in your country, or even all over the world only with your backpack and tent is really inspiring. Some people prefer to spend their vacation by staying in hotels and going along with a plan, however, if you want to give yourself a challenge, or face something new, camping and traveling at the same time is an option. You can try it on your own, or together with your loved one, all you need are your desire, point of destination, and a durable shelter for that purpose. At Hot-Tent we can provide you with a quality tent, as it is the best place to buy 2-person camping tents, and once you get a shelter you can start your journey.


If mountains, climbing at high peaks, and camping attract you a lot, you can try mountaineering. Even though it is a more extreme hobby that is not for everyone, you can become a part of a climber’s group and go on a trip with them, as these people usually set a camp before climbing. It can be an interesting experience to stay somewhere in the mountains and see another side of camping such as winter camping as usually there is snow at altitude. Who knows, maybe watching a climber’s lifestyle one day may motivate you to try that unique hobby?

Kayaking and canoeing

Canoeing and kayaking are other popular hobbies you can put on your list. These are not as extreme as mountaineering, however, you would still feel an adrenaline rush and get awesome impressions by going down the river. When you are planning your future trip, you can search for locations that offer canoeing, or kayaking, and choose one of them as a point of destination. By doing this you can get both a wonderful recreation time in camping and enthralling outdoor activity that gives you a great reboot from a routine. The best part of canoeing and kayaking is that these hobbies are accessible to a wide group of people, thus you can take your close ones and try it together, which provides you with unforgettable memories you have experienced along with your friends or family members.


Geocaching is an interesting tourist quest. The goal is to find a cache that was set by other players. You can use GPS, mobile devices, and other navigational techniques to seek containers. Usually, geocaching takes place in locations that represent natural, historical, cultural, and geographical interests. Thus, if the game’s location is set somewhere in the forest, mountains, or away from cities, you can combine both camping and geocaching to make your recreation even more interesting, as you are not only traveling, or resting, but also have a specific task to complete together with your friends or family.


Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies that is often combined with camping. You can go on trips during each of the seasons, which makes it a really universal hobby. Whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter, fishermen can easily choose an interesting location, take all the necessary equipment, pick a suitable tent for the weather conditions of that season, and spend a great time doing what they like. When fishing in summer, or spring is widespread and more common, the experience you can get in winter is a whole nother thing, as you need some skills, special equipment, and a warm tent not to get cold. So, if you are seeking something new, winter fishing can satisfy your desire. And to be prepared, you can check some ice fishing shelter reviews 2022, which help you to get a quality tent for cold weather, and try a new hobby in a safe way.


Festivals, the same as camping, are something like a lifestyle for many people, and both of these are often combined, which makes everything even better. You may find it interesting to visit some music, art, food, seasonal, or roleplay festivals to spend a great time and get new experiences. And typically for most festivals, you will stay in a camp living in your tent during these days. Thus, if you like camping, but seeking something new and interesting you can explore for yourself, a wide variety of different festivals is a great option that is worth trying.


While enjoying the beauty of nature during camping you can also take a lot of amazing shoots as well. With a wide variety of wonderful landscapes, flora, and fauna you can meet there will always be some fascinating details you can catch via your camera or even mobile phone, which makes camping a great hobby for those who are interested in photography as well.

As you can see there are plenty of things to do that can be combined with your camping trips and thus make your experience and overall impressions even better. Camping only by itself is already a great option to relax and enjoy your life, and if you add something else to expand it you will get the best possible result.