Home office chairs

Many people spend most of the day at the office sitting on chairs. A good office chair protects the back and spine and is characterized by an ergonomic seat shell. The upright basic position is considered the ideal sitting position. The spine remains evenly loaded in the natural double S shape, which strengthens the back muscles. Anyone who performs a sedentary job every day should attach great importance to the right office chair with high seating comfort.

What are the best home office chairs?

Herman Miller Embody has an original and cool design. The back stimulates the blood circulation and oxygenation of the body by reducing the strain on the body when sitting. In addition, the chair automatically adapts to the user’s back and movements.

Herman Miller is very comfortable home Office chairs. A good office chair cost starts between 200 to 500 dollars. The professional swivel chairs exceed the hundred-dollars mark and there are hardly any limits to the top. These high-quality chairs for the home office combine individual, ergonomic advantages.

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What is the most comfortable home office chair?

Herman Miller Embody is the most comfortable home office chair.  Every office chair test should fulfill some basic functions and can also be equipped with optional functions.

Overview of functions of home office chairs

Basis, which are urgently needed for daily needs with the office chair:

  • Armrests on the tested office chair to relieve the neck or shoulder area.
  • Backrest the tested office chair as support and for relief.
  • Seat height adjustable on the tested office chair to adapt to the individual body size.
  • Rocker mechanism on the tested office chair to relieve the spine.

Optional additions for the home office chair for more ergonomics:

  • The lumbar support on the tested office chair for additional support of the lumbar spine (small curvature).
  • Seat tilt adjustment on the tested office chair to optimize the seat for working on the computer.
  • The synchronous mechanism on the tested office chair for tipping – relieves the back and prevents malformations.

What is the best chair for sitting all day?

Herman Miller is the best chair for sitting all day. In most offices, a tested office chair without armrests is unimaginable. Keep this passage in mind before ordering and delivery. If the armrests on the tested office chair are adjustable in width and height and can also be folded away with one hand, comfortable seating is guaranteed. The forearms on the office chair can be placed comfortably and comfortably on the armrests. Armrests support the relaxation of the entire shoulder or neck area.

The most important aspect of an office chair, in addition to armrests, is the backrest. It should allow an individual adjustment in the inclination and height, so it should not be made rigid. The backrest on the office chair can be adapted to the human body and tall people also benefit from the support in the neck area. The entire shoulder area with head and neck is relieved with the optimally adjustable backrest on the office chair.

In addition, a tested office chair should be adjusted to the height of the seat. This setting is often made using a gas pressure spring. The best possible height adjustment is achieved when the thighs and thighs describe a 90 ° angle to each other.

How much should a good office chair cost?

Office workers have little to do with the purchase and cost of office chairs in the office.  However, if you are looking for a suitable office chair test winner for the home workplace or even have to set up offices, then the costs involved are an important criterion for the choice of furniture.

The most expensive office chairs are not always the best, as many office chair tests have shown. The functions of the tested office chair, the material used, and also special technical or manual features are decisive in determining the price. Of course, executive armchairs with leather upholstery are always more expensive than desk chairs with nylon upholstery. For a simple office chair, between 50 and 100 dollars can be considered appropriate, whereas executive armchairs tend to be in the price range between 150 and 600 dollars.

When calculating the price, it should also be borne in mind that no-name products from discounters can be bought at particularly favorable prices. The office chair of a brand manufacturer from the specialty store is much more expensive. The high-quality office chairs from the brand manufacturers also have all the necessary and additional features.

The 5 most common questions and answers about the office chair

Why does an office chair have to have five roles?

Five castors ensure a high level of stability and stability. The desk rolls pay off when you get up and sit down. Soft castors go with hard floors and hard casters with soft floors.

Why is my office chair squeaking?

The causes of unusual running noises mostly lie in the roles. If the steel axles are stored in plastic, they sometimes make unpleasant noises. But the ring around the telescopic rod can also squeak. In this case, you should lubricate with a little oil.

What does an office chair weigh?

That depends on the individual components. The plastic chairs are light, weighing no more than 10 kilograms. The executive armchairs belong to the heavy models. They ensure high stability.

Which office chair is suitable for neck pain?

When buying ergonomic office chairs, pay attention to neck support pillows and pillows. These enable a healthy alignment of the backrest, even if you already have neck problems. Talk to your family doctor about the right seating for long-term improvement.

Which office chair to buy for work?

With regard to the workplace, you should definitely choose a suitable office swivel chair. The following questions lead to the right model:

  • How long do I sit a day?
  • Do I have back problems?
  • What do I do while sitting?
  • What work environment am I in?
  • How old and how heavy am I?

The individual questions refer to the most important criteria when buying office chairs. So it makes a difference whether you are doing a sedentary job or getting up in between and changing jobs.

The upholstered executive chairs are equipped with a high workload, while back-friendly swivel chairs save on weight and dimensions. This makes it a worthwhile alternative in small workrooms and offices.