Home Video Editing Tips to Take Your Home Movies to the Cutting-Edge

Video editing does not only involve cutting out stuff that does not look good such as shaky shots or footages of your feet because you forgot to turn off the camera. It’s actually more than that. It involves adding stuff and not deleting. You’ll notice one thing when you edit your videos. When you trim the footage, you do not just trim it but also add flow, illusions, emotions which make the video more interesting. Your main objective is to communicate with your audience through the visual experience.

Video editing puts art and science together. Both halves of your brain work together in this process. One half works for technical and the other one for creative. In the technical part, video editing involves the use of the software. So you have to take the time when you are using a video editing tool. Because it can be a frustrating experience if the software doesn’t work properly. Here are some tips for you to take your home movies to the cutting-edge or you can take help from  video editing websites.

1. Shoot with editing in mind

You should take different shots when shooting the video such as close-ups, wide angle, zoom in, pan, or hold the camera steady. It’s always better to shoot as many films as possible. Because it helps you to remove or trim the bad footages you don’t need in the clip.

2. Organize your video

You have to prepare a storyboard if you’re planning to make a long video. You can put names on the clips on your video editing software and use the same names on your storyboard. But if you don’t do that, you could end up being crazy in the end looking for the clips.

3. Create a rough edit

Create a “rough edit” when you have loaded your footage into the editing software. You have to arrange the footage in the timeline in chronological order. To allow easy editing, you need to place each footage in a frame.

4. Start editing

It’s the time to cut or trim the footage once you have organized everything you need according to your liking. Check the timing of the beginning and end of every clip. And cut down all the unnecessary shots in the clip.

5. Tell your story

Once you are done with organizing your videos, you have to set them in motion finally. They need a dramatic effect and emotions to effectively bring the message of your pictures.

6. Set the right length of each video

Your videos have to me more than just 1 second. Static shots are edited in between 2 and 10 songs long. However, it can be longer if you narrate the story in the video. But you have to keep in mind that your video can’t be boring with just log clips. The human brain already picks up enough details of your picture at 5 seconds, so it’s your call.

7. Add some effects

When you add effects to your video, you ultimately give a feeling to your audience that they are watching a movie. Various effects allow you to play with the transitions and experiment with the “feel”, so it’s better to use them. A soft transition and color enhancement are good approaches for you. For color correction and grading works, you can use free LUTs available online. But the effects that you sue for your clip should be the most appropriate.

8. Create a catchy intro

You have to grab the attention of your viewers right off the bat. A catchy intro helps you to do that. If you have a catchy intro, you’ll automatically get more viewers. Because they will get attracted by the unto itself.

9. Add music and sound effects

With music and sound effects, your video will deliver a different message. Experimenting with different music tracks brings the difference. It creates a “wow” reaction to your viewer’s face and brings a different emotion to the message you want to carry across.

10. Invest in extra RAM

If your computer does not have enough ram, your video might end up lagging. That’s why you need to have as much addition RAM as possible. It ensures you that video is up to speed. With a higher configuration, you can work your video editing process flawlessly.

11. Get some humor

Humor brings the videos into the next level instantly. If you take a look at all the successful TVC or commercial videos, you’ll see that they have good humor and make people feel happy. I recommend you to find some good videos online and take inspiration from them so that you can use the same trick.

Video editing makes your content more interesting. It’s better if you stop using the same shots for the entire video. Different angles will spice it up. You can also cut based on the beat of the music and pause when people speak. It makes your video more interesting. It’s not like you’re the only one who’s facing issues while editing a video. Everyone had been at that stage. All you have to do is keep patience and do things accordingly. I hope my tips will help you with your next video editing project.