Homemade Art You Can Display that Looks Good


The walls of your home are an unblemished blank canvas and what you display on them can transform the look and feel of your living space. If you really want to create an aesthetic for your house that’s entirely bespoke and personalised to you, displaying homemade art made by you and your family can be a fantastic design choice.

First, make sure that your walls are prepped and primed for the hanging of various art and ensure that you have the correct products to display such pieces. You can purchase picture hanging systems from specialist providers that will help you display your art. If you don’t have a local shop you’ll find what you need online.

Once everything’s in place, what kind of homemade art should you create and present? Consider the following…

Photo Collages

What better way to reminisce over all your happy memories than to display them in your home? Photos from smartphones and other devices can be printed using self-service machines in many brick-and-mortar stores or online through photo printing services. If your photos don’t necessarily fit the colour scheme you’re working toward in your room, consider filtering the image files using Photoshop or Canva first to a set huge, sepia or black and white.

Cross Stitch and Embroidery

You don’t need to be an expert seamstress to craft some embroidery or cross stitch to adorn the walls of your home. Crafting supplies can be bought from any local specialist shop, and there are plenty of free beginner’s patterns available for download online. In the run-up to the festive season we also see an influx of beginner’s ‘how-to’ crafting kits listed for sale online and so gifting these to others to encourage their contribution to your homemade art gallery can help promote involvement and collaboration.

Shared Canvas Paintings

If you’d like your loved ones to contribute to your homemade art displays but don’t think they’d have the motivation to create something themselves in their own time in their own homes, invite them to ‘create’ when they visit your home. Purchase a big blank canvas and some paints or pens (ideally in colours and shades fitting your desired interior theme) and when visitors are round, ask them to doodle on it or sign their names. Once a few people have taken part you may be surprised at just how impressive the effect is – and it’s brilliantly personalised and unique.

Decorated Plates and Ceramics

Art needn’t just be flat and painted! Decorated plates and ceramics can also be presented on walls and make for an eye-catching aesthetic that mirrors vintage trends. Even better, you don’t need any specialist equipment to make decorated ceramics – plain white (or pale) items can be painted or drawn onto and then sealed with a varnish. Crockery doesn’t have to be stored away in cabinets and kitchens but can instead be displayed in a variety of clever ways to take pride of place on your walls! Again, all-in-one paint-your-own ceramic kits can be purchased from many vendors, particularly in the run-up to Christmas so you can gift a strategic present this festive season!

Nothing can fit an interior design theme like something tailor-made for it, yet many homeowners avoid undergoing the time and effort to produce this perfect finish. Homemade art can make your design dreams become a reality; so go ahead and start working on yours to initiate bespoke and unique art that can never be replicated in look, feel or soul.

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