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Honeymoon in the Maldives: 15 Activities To Do

Honeymoon in the Maldives 15 Activities To Do

After all the challenges you have gone through to tie your love knots with your soulmate, finally, you deserve a justifiable composure to kick off your union. Perhaps relive the vows and have another round of honeymoon at the supreme romantic destination – the Maldives.

To stimulate further your amorous escapade to this archipelagic romantic haven, it would best to get the optimum of your Maldives honeymoon vacation and check off your conjugated bucket list of adventure. With the best Maldives tour package for couple, your honeymoon will be one of the best highlights of your love story.

Is Maldives good for honeymoon?

The Maldives is frequently cited as a top honeymoon destination and as one of the world’s most romantic locations. Its sporadic island scattered in the Indian Ocean sparkles with the best luxury private resort in Maldives that has served an indisputable luxury level of accommodation, contributing to the successful honeymoon stories of renowned personalities and established individuals.

The Maldives is the best honeymoon location if you want to spend quality time with your spouse. Take a slow stroll along the lovely beaches that are lined with swaying palm trees with your significant other. You can indulge in a couple’s spa to relieve tension, then embark on an adventure with your partner as you participate in various exhilarating water sports. Enjoy some delectable Maldivian food while treating yourselves to a luxurious hotel stay with an infinite ocean view of the tropical island.

The invigorating lush of the island, the gleaming beach like sparkling diamonds, the eternal panoramic sight of the ocean, and the multitudinous, stimulating, and satiating experience you can make in this wonderful destination will be the perfect gift you could ever present to your loving partner.

As a powerhouse of romantic spots, exciting excursions, perpetual beaches, satiating gourmet courses, and other elements of indelible experiences, the Maldives is inarguably your best choice for a honeymoon destination.

Top Selling Honeymoon Resorts 2022

The Maldives is a prime destination for romantic escapades, especially for honeymooners. With the pristine shorelines and top-notch accommodation, the private beach resorts in Maldives have built a good profile defining what a deluxe honeymoon should be.

These honeymoon resorts in the Maldives, which are renowned as one of the most luxurious honeymoon destinations in the world, boast top-notch amenities, the best hospitality, and let’s not even mention the scenery! The most astounding luxury resorts in the Maldives are listed here, guaranteeing that your honeymoon will be one to remember!

Soneva Fushi

Soneva Fushi, one of the Maldives’ greenest resorts, takes its mantra of “no news, no shoes” seriously. The resort is decorated with driftwood, mosquito nets, and modern facilities that look like primitive artifacts, giving off a Robinson Crusoe-like vibe. This resort promises a plethora of free extras and treats, including free handcrafted chocolates and kayak rentals. These are just the ideal romantic dates with your sweetie! You and your significant other can look forward to a personal butler, gourmet cuisine, wild excursions, explorations, and thrilling water activities at this resort.

Gili Lankanfushi

Gili Lankanfushi is among the most romantic honeymoon resorts in the Maldives and is one of the world’s most opulent and exclusive resorts! Many renowned people frequent in this destination, and lots of celebrities come here for private getaways. The overwater bungalow there is the largest in the entire world, and all of their water villas are expansive. Some villas are only accessible by boat, ensuring utmost privacy and solitude. Moreover, a personal butler who attends to all the arrangements will welcome you and ensures that all your needs are well taken care of. Gili Lankanfushi is one of the most romantic honeymoon resorts in the Maldives due to its private dining, well-stocked wine cellar, expert sommelier, and spectacular views. The resort’s ultra-luxe, rustic, earthy, and natural qualities make this location truly lavish and opulent.

Hurawalhi Island Resort

Hurawalhi Island Resort is a 5-star resort, which is spread out over a private island, has four opulent restaurants serving a variety of satiating cuisines, a spa, and a dive shop, in addition to the largest, romantic, all-glass underwater restaurant in the Maldives. In addition to furnished decks, unique sound systems, plunge pools, and stairs leading to the sea, guests are housed in stylish beachfront villas with serenity and privacy. At their champagne bar, which is neon-lit, serves opulent cocktails perfect for robust honeymoon events.

Six Senses Laamu

The sole resort in the Maldives’ southern region is the magnificent Six Senses Resort, which is situated in Laamu. Their beautiful private villas with open bathrooms, rain showers, and sun loungers are all available at the resort. Additionally, famous on this island is its spa and ayurvedic therapies. To greatly enliven the experience and make your honeymoon more comfortable and much coveted, they also provide yoga courses, cosmetic services, different excursions, and more.

Dhigali Maldives

One of the best and the most stunning resorts in the Maldives, this private island resort is surrounded by a sizable house reef and offers seven dining options with an outstanding culinary menu. The resort offers a variety of thrilling water sports to spice up your honeymoon stay. The level of luxury offered to visitors at Dhigali is further enhanced by a fully functional spa, suitable for a honeymooner’s escapade.

What do people do on honeymoon in Maldives?

Among all the features of the Maldives, the best one most of the visitors consider as their reason for booking is the romantic vibes the islands evoke, perfect for honeymoon and such.

The Maldives vacation packages for couple commonly includes activities for your amorous journey with your soulmate but surely are not the only experiences you can take advantage of. Expand the events of your adventures for your love story with the following activities you can indulge with your significant other to maximize your Maldives experience together.

15 Activities to Do In Maldives When On Honeymoon2

1. Take a long walk on the sand bank

Enjoy a romantic stride along the endless silvery dunes of the resort, relishing the sweet kisses of the sultry sunlight on your cheeks and the winds brushing your hairs picturing a perfect happy ending like in the movies indicating a new beginning of brand-new chapters of your tale. All the way, paint the picturesque scenery on your memories as a couple.

2. Enjoy a candlelight dinner on the beach

Make it more romantic and arrange a classic candlelight dinner date on the wavy sands of the beach of the Maldivian island. Relive the genesis of your love story with a sweet private dinner date on the shore with the sea waves humming your relaxing dinner set-up.

3. Stay in an underwater hotel room

Maximize the privacy of the Maldivian ambiance and stay under the blanket of the sea with the vigorous schools of fish enlivening your sea sky as you sleep in an underwater hotel room. The tranquility of the teal seawater paints the seafloor’s coral garden with a calming blue sight when you look outside. This is just perfect for your romantic honeymoon vacation.

4. Explore the Maldives islands aboard a private yacht

Set sail exclusively in a private yacht with your significant other and enjoy the timeless beauty of the panoramic horizon of the Indian Ocean as you build lovely memories with your spouse drifting on the calming waves. You can even have a chef aboard your luxury vessel to ensure delish courses of meals along your excursion.

5. Set up a romantic dinner date over the water

Set up a romantic date above the crystal-clear waters in the sea of Maldives. Let your butler arrange this surprise for your better half and let yourself be astonished as well with the events as the pros in the resort will take care of everything for you. A dinner date on the deck of your water villa, on the cruise, or on the yacht will always be charming and delightful.

6. Go kayaking with your significant other

Share a kayak with your soulmate, rowing the clear waters of the sea, and enjoy paddling together, appreciating this ever-loving moment of your love story. This adventure does not demand much expertise; just enjoy the adrenaline together with your spouse in this tiny boat adventure.

7. Take a scenic ride in a seaplane

Let us take the best of your Maldives vacation package for couple and have a mind-blowing panoptic experience getting a bird’s eye view of the sporadic islands scattered on the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. This brand-new sight of appreciating the archipelagic haven is worth sharing with your partner as you enjoy the winds of the skies, literally a romantic getaway on cloud nine.

8. Get the adrenaline rush while parasailing in Maldives

Share the adrenaline rush with your spouse as you set sail towards a higher altitude as you are pulled by a boat while enjoying the aerial view of the resort. Parasailing in the winds of the Maldives is one of the best activities that you cannot miss out.

9. Date along with the sea of stars

Take advantage of the magical light show recreating the heavenly beauty of the universe right on the shore of the sea with bioluminescence. This incredible phenomenon is caused by the luminescent phytoplankton called Noctiluca scintillans. A romantic date under the blanket of the starry night sky and mystical lighting on the waters on the serenity of the Maldivian islands will surely win her heart forever.

10. Island Hopping Tour

Be amazed together by the different beauty of the islands of the Maldives as you go on an island hopping tour around the archipelagic islands of the country. Get captivated by the ageless charisma of these islands, same as you are captured by the love of each other’s charm.

11. Get a whale & shark sightseeing trip

Dive together with your significant other for sightseeing and closer interaction with the whales, sharks, and manta rays of the Maldives. These friendly creatures never cease to amaze the divers and are an experience so rare to happen again.

12. Experience a unique luxury date on a cruise

Book with the best luxury all-inclusive resorts Maldives can offer, and take the chance to share this luxury cruise with your better half. You will surely fall in love again with the Titanic vibes of the cruise, enjoying the calm waves of the tropical sea of Maldives. Together, you can enjoy the lavish experience, gourmet meals, and the wonderful scenery of the travel.

13. Share water adventure experiences with your soulmate

Spice up your honeymoon with water excursions that you can enjoy together with your partner, as the islands of the Maldives has so many water adventures to offer. You can do snorkeling, diving, fishing, paddle boarding, and a lot more which would definitely enliven your romantic honeymoon. After all, ladies always wanted dynamic events from relaxing to enthralling experiences to hype up their love.

14. Witness the dolphins dance together

Recline with the dance of the smart, friendly dolphins jumping on the waves of the sea. As you sail around the island with a dhoni, you will have a closer seat like watching movies in a cinema, but this time, in open water, sweetly riding a boat in the wide expanse of the ocean.

15. Indulge in a spa treatment

To wrap up your days, do not forget to share a spa treatment together with your spouse to relax and replenish your energy once again. The spa in the Maldives has a lot of calming experience to offer that ensures a total rest for lovely couples on a tropical honeymoon.

Best Deals On Maldives Resorts 2022

To realize your dream honeymoon vacation, the honeymoon packages Maldives offers for couples have various inclusions which you will surely enjoy. Different promos and discounts depending on the preferred location, inclusions, and other arrangements that will help you maximize your trip should be considered to get the best deals for your bookings.

You may also want to consider the offers you get from all-inclusive packages, tour packages, or premium packages of the resorts and see how you can personalize the package to tailor fit it to your desired experience.

Visit www.maldivesexclusive.com so an expert can help you plan this momentous event of your espousal tale to be the greatest one that you can never forget.

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