Honor Sport Bluetooth Wireless Earphones – Price and Specifications


Outline of Honor Sport Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

HONOR Sport Bluetooth Earphones sale Free as Music Compatible with standard Android and iOS gadgets Bluetooth Magnetic 5 g/ear Fit and secure High-loyalty sound Penetrating bass 10d backup, >11h playback IPX5 water and sweat evidence.

Push You Forward Wireless plan 11 hours playback 10 days backup Fit and secure.

  • Remote Design,
  • No Holding Back Wireless plan,
  • tangle-free,
  • fit, and secure,
  • full speed ahead.
  • 10 Days Standby,
  • 11 Hours Playback 137 mAh lithium battery,
  • 10 days reserve for each full charge;
  • 11 hours (≈ 220 tunes) nonstop playback.
  • reserve playback melodies.

Lightweight, Secure and Comfortable

5 g/ear lightweight plan leaves less weight on your ears Fit and secure shark-balance ear-wings

  1. configuration forestalls dropping out Ergonomic plan of coordinated ear-tips with ear-rings classy Magnetic Design,
  2. Lead the Fashion Trend
  3. Magnetic plan for simple transportability,
  4. sharp plan for extra beautification.
  5. Vivid Design Designed with vivacious and enthusiastic shadings.

Mid-nightBlack, AuroraBlue, FlameRed,

Lovely Workmanship High-accuracy precious stone cut wrapping up with high-thickness CD grain configuration brings sensitive surface and sparkling appearance Balanced Wear Brings offset wear insight with even plan of inline regulator and battery.

Remain In When Sporting.

High-Fidelity Music, Push You Forward

Entering Bass Adopts 11mm huge size dynamic driver to control unrivaled sound with infiltrating bass 11mm unique driver Vibrating stomach High-Fidelity Voice Adopts micron-level composite vibrating stomach to improve transient reaction and lessen sound mutilation, bringing higher constancy and definition.

Fit and Secure Half-in-ear plan with uninvolved commotion crossing out and solidly affixed link to guarantee sports wellbeing and decrease stethoscope impact.

Great Bluetooth Compatibility Steady and Strong Call Signal Support Bluetooth 4.1, viable with standard Bluetooth gadgets, immediately associated with your cell phone, permitting you to appreciate calls and music in 10m. Upgraded call quality with high responsiveness RF. Helpful control with 3-key inline regulator Compatible with Android and iOS gadgets

Advantageous Charging Supports direct charging through USB link (included) or power banks whenever and from any place.

Determinations and Features of Honor Sport Bluetooth Wireless Earphones


10.3 x 4 x 15.6 cm


19.7 g


137 mAh Long battery duration

Android and iOS


Bluetooth 4.1

Body Colours

Mid-night Black, Aurora Blue, Flame Red

Entertainment Superior music quality and agreeable fit sound Waterproof and hostile to perspire Specialized call sound decrease Magnetic plan

Other Features

Micro-(USB Noise dropping for the call) Metal anodization


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