Hospitality, Revenue, and Ticketing at Manchester United


The sports industry is one of the biggest and fastest-growing industries in the world. The industry boasts of revenues worth billions of dollars. Like every other industry in 2020, the revenue of the sports industry suffered huge losses due to the pandemic. According to, the Sports industry recorded a revenue of $129bn in 2019, had a $135bn projection before the covid-19 pandemic but recorded only $73.7bn revenue for the rest of 2020.

What You Need to Know About Revenue Loss in Manchester United

The effect of the pandemic on the football industry was massive as European football giants recorded huge dips in revenue. According to finance company Deloitte, the big five European football leagues recorded a loss of £1.8bn (11%) in the 2019/2020 football season with premier league clubs accounting for £648m of the loss. This loss was further aggravated by the absence of fans for the whole of the 2020/2021 season.

The losses recorded by the football industry can be attributed directly to ticketing. The absence of football fans in stadiums has negatively affected the revenues of big European football giants.

Importance of Ticketing to United’s Revenue

Manchester United is one of the biggest clubs in the world and is worth well over $4bn. The 76,000 seats old Trafford stadium, also known as the theatre of dreams, is the home ground of Manchester United FC and is a vital revenue source for the club. If the club charges £30 per matchday in the premier league alone, they will realize about £2.28m after a game and £43.3m for the whole season. In the 2013/2014 season, Manchester United made £191m on ticketing alone. This amount was more than what they realized from Broadcasting (£108m) and a little less than they earned from commercials. This shows how massive ticketing is. It also shows the importance of ticketing to the club’s revenue.

Ticketing at Manchester United

Manchester United has different categories of ticketing that include season tickets, matchday tickets, hospitality tickets, and seasonal hospitality tickets. Season tickets are matchday tickets without any side attraction and cost about £950 and span across a whole season.

Matchday VIP tickets cost at least £299 at Old Trafford. This category comes with exciting benefits such as refreshments, entertainment, and a matchday gift. Aside from getting thrilled by the Manchester United FC team from some of the best seats in the world, spectators are treated to enjoyable side attractions. It, of course, comes at a valuable price.

Seasonal VIP tickets are much more interesting as they span across every home game of the season. These include cup games. This package is also referred to as the Manchester United executive club seasonal hospitality.

Manchester United Hospitality (VIP) Tickets

  • The categories of VIP tickets at the old Trafford include
  • The 500 club costs £299 per person.
  • The North East Executive Quadrant that costs £315 per person.
  • North West Executive Quadrant that costs £330.
  • The executive lounge costs £500.

These categories all come with different levels of comfort and hospitality.The 500 club ticket gives fans access to the 500 club suite 3 hours before kick-off and one hour after the final whistle. It also allows fans to feature in a complimentary matchday program organized by the club. Other benefits of this ticket include half-time tea and coffee, free food service, and family and friends gathering.

The North East Executive Quadrant is an improved category of VIP tickets. It comes with luxury benefits such as access to the academy suite, a feature on a complimentary match program, free food and drinks service, in-lounge betting facilities, and a dedicated executive quadrant stadium entrance. It also comes at a much higher price than the previous category.

The North West Executive Quadrant gets the fans closer to the players than the earlier mentioned categories. The location of this stand gives a beautiful view of the Stretford end of the stadium. Fans who buy this ticket can access the kit room lounge 3 hours before kick-off and an hour after the end of the game. Other benefits of this ticket include free food services, in-lounge betting facilities, cushioned seats, a complimentary program at the kit room lounge, and a dedicated executive quadrant stadium entrance.

The most expensive and hospitable tickets for Manchester United at the old Trafford is the executive lounge ticket. It trumps the earlier mentioned categories and comes with irresistible hospitality. With this ticket, fans can access Sir Alex Ferguson’s stand match ticket, all the lounges 3 hours before kick-off and an hour after the game ends, champagne reception, four-course a la carte menu, and VIP seats on the second tier.


Football is a great sport and an even greater piece of entertainment. Hospitality goes hand in hand with the game. This provides maximum comfort for lovers of the game and immense revenue to football entities. The incorporation of hospitality into the beautiful game has brought prosperity to clubs like Manchester United and has made them one of the biggest sports entities in the world.

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