Hotels in Las Vegas: 5 Examples of Impressive Architecture

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is the embodiment of excitement and entertainment. Its many casinos attract millions of those who want to try their luck.

Usually, gambling establishments in Las Vegas are combined with hotels, which are often not simple buildings but real masterpieces of architecture and design.

If you like impressive constructions and want to feel the true spirit of Las Vegas, then explore some amazing casino hotels, because each of them is the pinnacle of art.

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Indeed, Payless car rental in Las Vegas will give you freedom of movement and independence from public transport. Plus, you can always go exactly where you need to. However, head first to the following impressive hotels:

The Wynn

The construction of this complex cost its owner almost $3 million. At that time it was the largest private construction project, but Steve Wynn was experienced, rich and confident in success. For example, the Bellagio complex was also designed by him.

The main attraction of the complex is a tropical waterfall falling from a huge green mountain near the walls of a 49-story facade. For a long time, the hotel had the Wynn Art Gallery, but now many of its exhibits are dispersed throughout the complex.

Huge floor-to-ceiling windows are in every room of the hotel, and thanks to this design the building seems like a huge curved tinted mirror. The hotel has many awards, the listing of which may take a whole paragraph, so it’s enough to mention at least 5 Michelin stars and the title of the best hotel according to the prestigious Zagat rating.

Luxor Hotel & Casino

You almost certainly saw a photo of Luxor somewhere on the Internet, the unusual pyramidal design of which markedly distinguishes it from the more traditional architecture of the city. The similarity of the hotel with the Egyptian pyramid can’t be ignored, which is probably why it was named after the Egyptian city of Luxor.

It’s difficult not to get confused and immediately navigate in the numerous rooms and services of this huge complex, so the so-called “Nile River Ride” was organized for guests, showing them all the parts of a complex entertaining structure.

This was not enough for the owners of Luxor, and they decided to surprise everyone with another curiosity. At the top of the pyramid, the brightest light source was installed, which is arguably the most powerful light beam in the world. They say that on a clear day it can be seen with the naked eye from an airplane flying at an altitude of up to 44 km.

The Venetian Resort

Real Italian Venice is famous for its canals and singing gondoliers, thus, during the construction of the Venetian complex, special attention was paid to this.

The result exceeded all expectations, and now you absolutely don’t need to go to Italy to visit Venice. In the complex you will see absolutely all Venetian attractions: they include canals, gondolas brought from their homeland with along with gondoliers, St. Mark’s Square, Rialto Bridge, and the Campanile.

While sailing through the canals, you will admire the buildings with balconies, and perhaps you want to visit the local shopping center, which was inventively called by the owners ‘The Grand Canal’.

All the walls and ceilings of the complex are painted with frescoes, and this also applies to huge venues of the Venetian casino hall.

Excalibur Hotel & Casino

Originally, Excalibur is the legendary magical sword of the famous King Arthur. Therefore, when looking at these Gothic turrets, it immediately becomes clear that the Excalibur is a theme hotel.

Although the luxurious interior design gives everyone the confidence that it’s a medieval castle, all the amenities presented are super modern, and prices can sometimes be quite moderate. The hotel is famous for its unusual shows: for example, a medieval men’s strip show is sometimes held there.

New York Hotel & Casino

In fact, the exact name of this complex is New York-New York, as it sounds in the famous song. The whole construction consists of several smaller copies of the famous New York skyscrapers with the other symbols of the city, including the Statue of Liberty, Coney Island Park, Brooklyn Bridge, and, of course, the roller coaster. All this makes the hotel a unique architectural ensemble that is very similar to the setting in downtown Manhattan.

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