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Hotstar Vs. Disney+: What’s Missing On Hotstar Compared To Disney+ In Australia

Hotstar Vs. Disney+ What's Missing On Hotstar Compared To Disney+ In Australia

We all want to know what to watch on Disney+ Hotstar Australia whenever we get bored, and sometimes we expect Hotstar to behave the same as Disney+. However, there are some differences between these two even though they are counterparts to each other.

To start, Disney+ in Australia has more features and provides a better experience than Hotstar. Definitely, Disney+ collaboration with Hotstar was a big moment in India and also for the global audience.

This merger totally revolutionized the already amazing Hotstar interface and the content catalog. But as time has passed, we have yet to see any big changes in the interface and functionalities of Hotstar as we have seen in its competitor platforms. 

Disney+ should consider upgrading the Hotstar app to the level of the Disney+ Australia app to retain its customer base. In this article, we will discuss the places where Disney+ Hotstar lacks and what extra features Disney+ in Australia has to offer.

Multiple Profiles System

The main problem many users have been addressing for a very long time is that there is no multiple profile system on a single account with multiple screens. This means that the recommendations are not aligned with one’s interest, someone else can watch what the other person has been watching, and this gets very problematic when you share the account with someone whose interests are not as similar as yours.

On the contrary, we have a wonderful multiple profile system on Disney+ Australia which allows people to have a separate account in a single account. Almost all streaming sites offer such advantages, including Netflix and prime video. 

You can create multiple accounts on the same account and also share children-friendly accounts with your kids so that they do not come across content that would be inappropriate for them.

Unsatisfactory HDR and 4K Support

Before the merger, Hotstar’s maximum screen resolution was 720p, which was its best offer. But after Disney+ came and took charge of things, they managed to upgrade the service by giving Full HD with HDR and 4k features, but the main problem is that the amount of content present in higher resolutions could be higher compared to Disney+ Australia.

The good thing is that the new content coming up on Hotstar is all available on higher resolutions, but some famous recent titles are only available in 1080p, that are available on higher resolutions on other websites.

One major problem is that Hotstar only offers 4K and HDR resolutions on Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and many smart TVs from Samsung and LG are left out, which are used by millions of users worldwide, and they would not be able to watch content on higher resolutions. 

For instance, if you have bought a new OLED TV by LG, then you can not watch Hotstar on HD or 4K, and if you want to do that, you will have to buy a dongle. It supports Dolby Vision and 4K.

Also, some Android phones have an option for HDR, and Netflix provides that option to mobile users, but on Hotstar, you will see a lower streaming resolution which is a big upset.

Streaming Quality

Another problem is that when you have a large customer base, you must maintain your standards by giving your users good streaming quality. The problem is that even if you have a great internet connection, the streaming quality will always struggle, and you will feel as if you are watching something on a very bad internet connection.

Also, the Chromecast option could be better, and you will feel a poor-quality video whenever you use Chromecast from your phone. One thing that should be appreciated is that their Hotstar Android TV app is way better than their normal app, and you will get a better quality of 1080p on a connection of 4Mbps. One thing to remember is that the app takes a little time to adjust, so it is better if you start it on a low resolution for a little time.

Disney+ app does not face such problems, nor do the other competing platforms.

Player Screen

The player screen is also a very bad aspect of the app, and it only offers very few options, such as the settings, Audio, subtitles, pause/play button, and forward or rewind 10 seconds button. The whole audience is appealed that they should focus on it and add some more functionalities on this screen and skip intro and outro options that are also not present for any series except Marvel’s new ones. So if you are watching the good old Simpson family, you will have to struggle a little to find the spot where the intro is ending. Also, they have this watermark on some places that everyone hates. 

These problems exist on both platforms; however, Disney+ Australia is better as it allows co-watching through its function called GroupWatch, which was introduced last year, and there is no such feature on Hostar for co-watching.

Aspect Ratio

Hotstar has cropped some older Marvel titles so that it can fit in a 16:9 ratio which results in a black screen in many places. This problem was addressed in Disney+, but not in Hotstar until now, and to give you an example, most old shows’ aspect ratio is 4:3, but Hotstar has remastered it in 16.9, which will ruin its quality.

Recently, it was revealed that Disney+ will produce over a dozen Marvel movies in IMAX. Only Shang Chi has so far been made accessible on Hotstar in the taller format, though even that comes with a few restrictions. 

You need to be on a platform that supports FHD playback. After that, you can enjoy IMAX version of the movie. Because it will default to the widescreen theatrical aspect ratio on a 4K-enabled device, casting can also do this. The less serious problem is that Hotstar lacks an emblem like Disney+’s “IMAX Enhanced” logo.

Premier Access

Premier Access is also not available on Hotstar while it is on Disney+ Australia. During the release of Black Widow, many Hotstar users asked them for premier access, but it was not fulfilled by the Hotstar company. The video on-demand model did not suit Hotstar, and it would be challenging to bring premier access to Hotstar.


Some points that should be highlighted are that you get a lot of benefits on Hotstar and you have to pay very little as compared to it. Disney+ Australia costs 15$ a month, while you can get the yearly mobile service for Hotstar for 9 Australian dollars. And both have almost the same content library.

Also, cricket and other sports streaming are free on Hotstar, and you do not have to buy other sports subscriptions. Also, Hotstar is based on the Indian audience, and they are quite delighted with the service that they are getting at these prices.

To conclude, Hotstar can achieve perfection if it just adds some of the above-mentioned functionalities and be on the level of Disney+. We hope that you know where Hotstar lacks and what extra functionalities you will get with Disney+ in Australia.

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