House for Online Bingo

After years of decline, the Bingo industry has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. It’s become more prevalent and moved online. The age demographic has lowered dramatically from what was once the domain of silver surfers and pensioners, the biggest demographic is now the 25 to 44-year-olds. To embrace this new audience Bingo has predominantly shifted itself online so, let’s look at how it has done that and the software behind the game.

Online bingo has been the shot in the arm that the industry needed, together with big business entering the industry with the likes of Bongos Bingo opening in many cities across the UK. See this article on how Bingo has made a come-back.

The Draw of Online Bingo

This can be put down to 3 big advancements that online software allows.

More payment options to allow credit cards, PayPal and even cryptocurrencies. So, some spare change from Ebaying or putting it on plastic means more ways for players to buy cards.

Graphics and interaction with better visuals, more people are drawn to the game, and it becomes a more attractive game. Instead of monochrome paper and a fat felt-tip pen, players now can enjoy animation, immersive graphics and great sound effects and music.

Speed, remember your gran laying out 10 cards on her table and going crazy trying to keep up with the bingo caller, well with online it’s easy to have dozens or even 100 cards and automatically mark the number called. The speed and smoothness of gameplay are the big plus here.

Browser or Client App

There are two options to connect to and play at online bingo sites. Either use a downloadable app or simply play via your web browser via responsive HTML5 instant play technology.

Downloads: Bingo software can be a downloaded piece of software that sits on your pc or phone as an app. As long as it is a trusted site, this means once you have the app, you can access the site quickly and safely via an encrypted connection built into the mobile software. Most of these apps are available for Android or iOS devices, with a few sites also offering Windows mobile downloads.

Browser Apps: Most sites now offer a browser version of their bingo game, where it can be launched instantly from your browser without the need to download any software. You can sign up and start playing on-the-go bingo sites from any operating system such as Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and even Nintendo Switch players can use this option. UK Bingo sites played while on the go offer the same bonus deals such as no deposits and welcome bonuses, and you can log on via your desktop or mobile using the same bingo account.

This is preferred if you want to game on your computer, mobile and other devices around the office or home. Not quite bingo software but technology-driven, recently Hollywood A-Lister Matthew McConaughey hosted through Facebook live a virtual bingo game with some old-timers in an Austin care home. CNN Celebrity Bingo article.

Bingo Software Developers

Like casino games, most sites now use a dedicated software developer that they incorporate or white label on their site.

The big companies in this space are Dragonfish, Playtech and Microgaming and the latter two  are big in online casino games too. You may also see others that include Gamesys, Jumpman Gaming and Cozy Games, all of which are in the market and trustworthy vendors.

Where next?

As technology around online gaming and the bingo industry develops, we may see more advances like virtual VR bingo games, where you can join a game and feel like you are in a physical bingo hall, or join up with long-distance friends to enjoy your own bingo “night-out”. Regardless, Bingo is back, and it’s here to stay.