Houseplants that will Drastically Boost your Health

Houseplants are ideal if you want to spruce up your home. They are also ideal if you want to add some colour and life to a room as well, but if you are careful with your decision then you may even find that you are able to capitalise on some health benefits too.

Aloe Vera

You have probably heard about this plant before. It’s used commercially in a ton of creams and ointments, and it also has substantial healing properties. It can soothe sore or even irritated skin and it’s a great plant for you to have in your home. When you look at the gel substance that is on the inside part of the leaf, you will see that this can be applied right onto the skin and that it’s great for treating burns, psoriasis, cold sores and more. You have to make sure that you water them deeply and they do well with plenty of sunlight. If you want another plant that comes with huge health benefits, then marijuana is the ideal choice. You can even find a cannabis strain that gives you the exact effects you’re looking for too.

Spider plant

Believe it or not, spider plants can remove formaldehyde from the air. This is the stuff that comes from paper bags, facial tissues, napkins, plywood and even some synthetic fabrics. In addition to this, they are also ideal at removing any impurities in the air. This can include carbon monoxide and other toxic gases. If you believe that your indoor air quality is relatively low but you aren’t much of a green thumb then this may be the exact plant you should be looking for. They can be placed just about anywhere, and they don’t like direct sunlight either.


Lavender is a flowering plant that gives off a very nice aroma. It’s a gentle plant and it’s ideal if you want to relieve stress. The scent of lavender is often used in various spa products. This can include bath salts, skincare creams, candles and soaps too. The best thing about lavender is that you can put it just about anywhere in your home. If you want the best place, then your bedroom would be the ideal choice. It can help you to sleep better and it can soothe restlessness, insomnia and even depression.

English Ivy

You may hate the idea of mould growing in your home and this is understandable, but one way for you to render this situation would be for you to introduce an English Ivy plant into your home. It’s able to purify 94% of airborne mould and it is the best plant for you to have if you happen to suffer from allergies. If you have a hard time breathing at night, then you may find that this plant can offer you some serious benefits. English Ivy doesn’t grow too quickly either so if you are worried about having to re-pot your pant all the time then you have nothing to be concerned about.