How A Firewall Can Protect Your IT Network and secure your business?


A firewall is a gateway that works between the local network and other networks as a security device that helps us to protect our network and data from the traffic that’s coming to our system.  It allows those connections that it has been configured to accept and blocks all the other outsiders from gaining unauthorized access to the private data on the system and network.

Not only does a firewall block unwanted traffic, but it can also help block bad software from affecting your computer. It keeps the data safe and secure by providing a wall. There are different types of firewall like the Packet layer, Application layer, Proxy server, and software firewall that helps our data to protect from unauthorized access. If any spammy email comes which contains a link,  you don’t have to click on that link because it will cause the malicious software to be installed on your system and then affect your network by spreading all that into the network. Some of the biggest IT Consulting and IT Support companies suggest not sharing the password of your system with anyone else, to keep it private use a hardware authentication device like a token. Its main purpose is to protect the home users by blocking unsolicited incoming network traffic, but firewalls can do much more than that. It can be configured by allowing the web browsing traffic through the firewall, blocking the whole access to other types of applications and users that are harming your system and programs.

The firewall works like an actual fire block that contains and prevent the spread of dangerous virus or material coming to your computer. Using operating systems like macOS and/or Windows, they have built-in firewalls which help us to protect our system, it is specially designed software that creates a barrier between your information and the outside world data. It gives us an alert to any intrusion attempts. Some of the best managed it services Los Angeles have installed antivirus software that protects the systems against unauthorized code or software that threaten the operating system. Such Antivirus are Avast, Panda Free Antivirus, and Malwarebytes. Some firewalls have antivirus themselves which does not act as software, but they do help us to prevent the installation of viruses by ensuring only authorized data flows through the network. The companies should know that they always keep their firewall updated with the most recent threat updates. Most companies protect their data in one of the strongest ways which is by using a network security plan to block all the traffic from the firewall and stop information from reaching via based on web content and not IP addresses.

Some of the Los Angeles IT Services use strong passwords to secure the data and passwords which is the most important way to prevent network problems and issues. The more strong your passwords are, the more difficult it is for a hacker to swarm your system.

As we mentioned earlier that there are different types of firewalls, which one of them is the Packet Layer, which refers to the pieces of data that are formatted for internet transfer and contain the data itself, as well as information about the data, like from where the data is coming from to your system. The Packey Layer in the firewall contains Port numbers, Destination Internet Protocol addresses, and Source IP addresses. And whereas the proxy server is concerned it acts as an arbitrator in the middle of two systems that want to communicate through a client or a source. A proxy server makes it harder for a hacker to discover where the network actually is and creates another layer of security for both the client and the server. Which is then forced to conduct the session through a mediator that hosts an application layer firewall. This type is considered the strongest and more secure in the usage of stateful and analyze incoming traffic.

If you are working in any company or hold a company or business you definitely need to protect your data from unauthorized usage and virus coming your way and destroying your identity, but if you are working at home you don’t need such protection or things because your home network is most secure and as secure as it might become least protected device then anything else. Firewalls represent the first line of defense in home network security.


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