How A Lawyer Can Help With A Motorcycle Accident Case


If you have been in a motorcycle accident or know someone involved, and what to initiate a lawsuit to hold the accused accountable, then you have come to the right place. This article can guide you in finding the best lawyer expert in motorcycle accidents and why it is the best way to win your case.

Motorcycle Accident Case 

Did you know that in 2018, 4,985 people were killed due to motorcycle crashes, and 82,000 were left injured? And because a motorcycle is smaller and can quickly fly across the road once it collided with a bigger vehicle and has no built-in barriers to protect its rider, a motorcyclist is more likely to suffer from severe injuries than those who drive cars. This makes riding motorcycles more dangerous than anything.

If you are a motorcycle rider, you should know about the risks to make sure that you prioritise your safety at all times. At the same time, you should also keep in mind the necessary measures if you ran out of luck and got involved in an accident. Of course, you should ensure that you are in good condition first, then call a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Why hire a lawyer for a motorcycle accident case?

Hiring a lawyer expert in motorcycle accident lawsuits has its benefits that can ensure you a successful claim:

A motorcycle accident lawyer is an expert with any related cases. You can expect that they already know the ropes or the ins and outs of motorcycle accident cases. Since they may have already experienced a similar claim in the past, winning your case and sufficient compensation are easy feats for them.

Your lawyer can assist you with filing the lawsuit. He or she can already take over the responsibilities from the beginning, especially in submitting the documents that will mark the beginning of the case.

He or she can provide the right legal advice. One of the most basic responsibilities of a motorcycle accident lawyer is to give you advice on the next steps that you should take for the legal process.

Your lawyer can initiate investigations. If your claim needs more pieces of evidence for support, he or she can start finding them through investigations and collections of statements from witnesses, especially if it’s a suspected DUI with injury case and other serious accidents.

They can help the victim receive appropriate compensation. An expert lawyer can appropriately measure the value of your claim and ensure that you win enough compensation for medical expenses and more.

Your motorcycle accident lawyer will handle all negotiations for you. He or she can face insurance agents or other parties involve in the accident to reach a settlement that is beneficial for you.

A lawyer will represent you in court. If no settlement were reached, your lawyer would appear before the court during trials to represent you.

They can provide other necessary advice that can help you during this situation. Besides legal advice, you can count on your lawyer to help you with matters, including seeking professional help for mental and emotional support.

Finding the Best Wrongful Death Lawyer in Houston

Here are the important factors that you have to consider when looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer:

  • Costs

When you are hiring a lawyer, you have to be willing to cover the costs. Motorcycle accident lawsuits, specifically, can last for up to months, which means you will be working with your lawyer and paying for the services for that long. With these cases, lawyers charge through contingency fees or a percentage of the settlement you will be receiving.

  • License

Of course, you have to hire a lawyer who had passed the board exams and is licensed to practice law. There are platforms online where you can check if a lawyer has a license or not.

  • Location

Some clients fail to consider one factor when they are so eager to find the best lawyers in the country is location. Having a lawyer that is near you and a local of the court your trials are going to take place has advantages that can significantly affect your case. You can easily reach them or meet up with your lawyer if they live close to you. Furthermore, if your lawyer had already practised in your court several times, he or she may know the judge and the employees there and have mastered the rules and policies, which may help you win the case.

  • Expertise in motorcycle accident claims

Hire a lawyer that is specifically specialising in motorcycle accidents. Because of the years of experience in this field, they already have an idea of how you could win the lawsuit and how much is the value of your claim for compensation.

  • Credibility

A lawyer’s years of experience and success on the previous cases they had handled can dictate their credibility. Make sure that you hire a lawyer with a good reputation.

  • Professionalism

It is easier to work with a lawyer that knows when to be civil or casual to you. It is important to have a lawyer that can also help support you emotionally during troubled times. Still, they should also know how to draw the line between personal and professional. Professionalism is crucial, especially in courts or during negotiations.

  • Communication Skills

You want a lawyer that can relay information to you as smoothly as possible. He or she must be able to update you every time there is development with your case. You should also feel comfortable to ask questions and share insights.

  • Compatibility

Lastly, you have to be compatible with your lawyer, who would easily understand your needs. You should be able to work with him or her with no conflicts. 

Where can I find the best lawyer in Houston for a motorcycle accident? 

When looking for the best lawyer in Houston for a motorcycle accident, there are some things that you should do. Below are step-by-step tips on how you can find a reliable lawyer in Houston that can help you win your case:

Do a bit of research

First, find resources that can help you further understand your case and the need for a lawyer. Fortunately, you do not have to visit the library to read through books, especially if you are still hesitant in consulting an actual legal expert. There are now articles on the internet, like this one, that can provide brief information about motorcycle accidents claims and lawyers.

Consider legal fees

Before finding your lawyer, you must have thought about how much you are willing to set aside for legal fees. Remember that every lawyer or law firms charge differently. There are three main types of legal fee billing arrangements: contingency fee, hourly fee, and flat fee. 

A flat fee billing is typical to most basic or routine legal assistance like writing a will. On the other hand, an hourly rate is pretty much explanatory — the costs depend on how long the lawyer will be spending time on your case. The more prominent the lawyer, the higher their hourly rate is. Lastly, clients who do not have enough money to pay a lawyer can use contingency fee arrangement. Instead, they have to settle an agreement on what percentage does the lawyer get from the compensation that the client will receive after winning the case.

Other law firms charge additional fees like consultation fees. However, there are also lawyers that you can consult for free. Do not hesitate to ask a lawyer to see an estimate of how much you would spend just for legal fees.

Ask someone you know for recommendations.

You can formally start your search for a competent lawyer by asking people who have been in the same situation as you care for recommendations. Ask them if they know lawyers that are specifically specialising in motorcycle accidents. If they have worked with one, find out how their experience was. First-hand information or testimonials about legal services are always the most reliable, especially if they come from people you trust.

Find wrongful death lawyers online.

If no one close to you can help, you can always look through online. Nowadays, most legal firms and lawyers have professional websites where they list all their services and methods for potential clients to reach them. You can search for law firms in your area and try to compare them with one another to see which one stands out to you the most.

Do a background check on each prospect.

You are likely to have a couple of prospective lawyers at the end of your search. Make sure to conduct background research about each of them. Check their license and their credibility. See how long they have been practising as motorcycle accident lawyers and if the cases they have handled were successful. You can also check their website for reviews and testimonials from past clients.

Communicate with your potential wrongful death lawyers.

Another way to gauge a lawyer’s competency and professionalism is through direct communication. Contact them and take advantage if they offer a free consultation. Tell them about your situation and ask what legal actions have to be made. A good lawyer must talk you through the process and make you understand quickly what needs to be done. 

Trust your instincts

In the end, choose a lawyer that you are comfortable working with and you think will win the case for you. You are likely to spend so much time working together during the entire lawsuit, so choose the one you can easily approach and communicate with.

This article should convince you that hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer is the best decision that would help you win your case.

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