How A Man Can Express His Love to The Special Lady?


Do you want to express your love to your woman? But don’t know exactly how to do so? Well, this is not only the case with you but also all men around the globe. Why? Because men are less emotional and expressive than women, though they show their love from their actions rather than words.

So, if you are wondering how a man can express his love to a special lady then this article is just for you. 

In a relationship, small things matter and when it is about a woman in relationship engagement rings for women can be special. A woman remembers every small thing that affects her and this may your chance to make a room in her heart. Therefore, here are some tested ways that will help you to show your love to your special lady and win her heart instantly:

1. Be a Good Listener

A girl always wants to share every small detail about her life with her man. Therefore, one of the best ways to impress her is by listening to her. Listen to her pains, happiness, and excitement. Moreover, don’t just only listen but take active participation in the communication. Always find a time where you both can sit and communicate. This will also shorten the gap between you both and help both of you to know each other more. Moreover, give her compliment now and then and appreciate her efforts.

2. Give Surprises

Who doesn’t love surprises? Well, every girl loves surprises as it shows the efforts of the man for her. I am not only talking about big surprises like a fancy date or proposal but simple yet touching ones too. You can also give her small surprises in your day-to-day life.

3. Be Honest

This is one of the most important things in a relationship. Remember the base of a relationship is trust and with a strong foundation, you can build a bi building. Never lie to your woman unnecessarily as this may weaken the trust, she has in you. Moreover, if her trust is broken your relationship will fall together.

4. Give Her Your Time and Attention

A girl loves your time and attention. Therefore, the simplest way to express your love is by giving her that. Always make time for her from your busy schedule. Try to spend quality time with her. This will help her to know more about you.

5. Help Her

Rather than solving her problems, give her strength to solve them herself. While this is a strong misconception that girls love a man who would do all their chores. True love is someone that helps you to grow.

6. Small but Meaningful Gifts

Gifts are an interesting way to show your love to your beloved. However, this doesn’t mean to shower your woman with lots of precious gifts. Remember your love and emotion matter rather than the price. Therefore, rather than going for big and expensive gifts choose small yet meaningful ones. For example, you can make handcrafted things, chocolates, roses, or a ring with meaningful words.

7. Small Things

Another important thing you can do is finding time to stay with her for a long time. Try to show yourself in unexpected times that make her shocked and excited. Do small things that make her skip a heartbeat such as holding hands, giving her warm hugs, and bringing her flowers.

8. Respect her Feelings

Remember that even when a girl loves you, you cannot touch her without her consent. Moving on in a relationship is good but remember to go on at the same pace as she or this can be damaging for your relationship. And if she says no, it means no. If she doesn’t love you, you cannot do anything about it as it is her decision and therefore respect it.

9. Stay Loyal

Remember loyalty is very important in any relationship. If you are flirting or dating two women simultaneously then this is a heinous crime. You are committing cheating and playing with the hearts of both. This is the worst thing to do. This would not even let you lose her but give her an unhealable wound.

10. Be Possessive yet Never Over

Being jealous is cute but being over-possessive does not do any good in a relationship. You can pout and complain when your partner talks to someone and gives her attention to other ones but never tries to control her. Trust her if she loves you no other man can woo her.

11. Introduce her to your Friends and Family

Another subtle yet effective way to show you love is by introducing her to your friends and family. This gives her a sense of security that you are being serious about her and wanting to take this relationship for a long period.

12. A Simple Phrase

This is probably the most important thing. Remember no matter how much you love your girl she will never understand it until you speak it out. Therefore, next time you meet her just see in her eyes and speak your heart out, and ya…don’t forget these simple yet important words I Love You.

Final Words

These were some simple yet effective ways to win the heart of your lady and express your love to her. Follow these steps and let us know in the comment section how they helped you.

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