How and why has the gaming industry outgrown many other entertainment industries?


We all like to find fun ways to stay entertained in our spare time and have fun when not busy. While there are many ways to achieve this, there now seems little doubt that gaming is the biggest entertainment sector around.

It is now thought to be worth around $145bn globally and continues to grow year by year. To put this into context, music is worth an estimated $20bn, and the movie sector is worth around $42.5bn. The shocking thing is how much more gaming is worth now than either, but it is still worth more when you combine movies and music!

But why has gaming become the top dog in entertainment?

The range of choice in gaming

When looking at why gaming has outgrown other entertainment choices, you must look at how it has diversified in modern times. As well as standard home-based video gaming, you can now get involved with eSports or play mobile games, for example. Online casino gaming is also massive now, and the best NJ online casinos attract hordes of gamers.

This is easy to understand when you look at what Resorts Casino in NJ offers, with its excellent choice of games and superb bonuses. The wide variety of ways to game has helped the sector appeal to lots more people and helped it move with the times to attract modern audiences.

Playing games is lots of fun!

This might sound overly simplistic, but the sheer thrills gaming delivers has helped it outgrow other ways of staying busy. There is just something about playing games which you cannot get from music, TV or films.

For many players, it is all about how games involve you in the action and how your decisions influence what happens next. Games also help you experience new things and new places and live out your dreams. If you are a soccer fan and have always dreamt of scoring the winning goal in a Champions League final for your favorite side, the FIFA range of games makes this possible.

Gaming has become cooler in modern times

In years gone by, it is probably fair to say that gaming was not as cool as heading out to catch a movie, listen to music or watch classic TV shows (like The Young and The Restless). As a niche activity that many once associated with nerds, it struggled to gain mainstream appeal. That has changed in recent years, and gaming is now seen as cool, with many celebrities showing their love for the pastime. This has helped raise the industry to new levels, surging past other entertainment niches.

Gaming is now the king of entertainment

There seems little doubt that gaming is THE biggest niche with entertainment currently. While people still like checking out movies or listening to music, gaming has overtaken both. With the appetite for playing games intense around the world and innovations like online gaming helping it to flourish further, this seems to be a sector with a very bright future.



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