How baby capsules are great for new parents

Being a new parent isn’t an easy job in the least. From diapers to nightly cries there’s a lot to worry about when taking care of a baby. So if you’re wondering how you could make your job as a parent a whole lot easier, here’s something for you.

With almost 400,000 babies born throughout the world each and every day, you can understand how important the baby care industry must be. The cost of raising a child on average can go well above $200,000, with such a great amount invested, compromising on baby care is a serious concern. Remember to take your time and put effort into finding the perfect products for your child.

Now when it comes to transportation devices, there are three major ones to keep in mind:

  • The Pram
  • The Baby Capsule
  • The Car Booster Seat

A pram as you might already know is the conventional vehicle used to move a child from place to place. They may be fixed or foldable as an apparatus and can only be used outdoors. They allow the baby to lie in the sleeping position

The Booster Seat, on the other hand, can only be used inside a car. It tends to be quite rigid and restricted to children over the age of 30 months or 4 years.

Now is there something that can address both of these concerns, without having to compromise any of your needs. Apart from this, it is considered to be the best means to move a newly born child about. Wondering what we are talking about? You guessed right, it’s the Baby Capsule.

What is a Baby Capsule?

A baby capsule is a portable crib for your baby that allows it to sleep in a horizontal position wherever you go. A baby capsule is definitely a must-buy for new parents as the benefits offered by it are simply too good to be true. A list of the best reasons to buy one would be:

1. Sleep wherever you are

In the first six months post birth, the baby needs a lot of sleep. Newborns should get around 14 – 17 hours of sleep every day and this cannot be fixed to certain times. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you give them a comfortable resting place which the baby capsule provides. With a baby capsule, your baby can stay asleep whether they are on a walk in the park, a long drive or right at home in their blankets.

2. Ease of usage

Baby Capsules are extremely simple to use and easy to connect. With a single click you can get it out of a car and into another. It also has the simplicity of usage provided by nothing else. Just by following the given instructions, children can be fit into almost any vehicle.

3. Comfort for you

For most parents the infants’ constant need for sleep and the resulting crying and noise causes you to always keep the baby with you wherever you go. However, with the comfort of Maxi-Cosi’s patented baby capsules, you’ll never have to worry about having to fix the baby into a pram each time or picking up the baby from their sleep and thus can be sure that they are sound asleep in bed. With no need to set up a pram each time you want to move the baby, you can simply carry around the capsule like a handbag your shopping trips and short stops will no longer be a cause for worry.

4. Easy to shift

The biggest advantage is the multipurpose usage of the baby capsule. It can be used in cars, be carried around in your hand, and just as easily shifted to a pram base to be used as a pram and all this in a single click. With such versatility, the need for a capsule becomes almost essential.

As a new parent, you must be quite worried about what capsule will be best for your baby and fear no longer, for with companies like Maxi-Cosi producing some of the finest baby carriages, you will no longer have to worry about where to find these.

Keep your baby your number one priority!