How Bad Or Good A Steam Mop Is For The Grout

There is a common misconception that steam mops damage the grout lines. This fallacy is not someone’s imagination. People have seen the grout losing its adherence, thus the belief. It happens, but not due to the reason we think. Steam is not powerful enough to loosen the robust adhesion of the grout lines and eventually unstick the tiles from the surface. So, those of you who are here to know the answer of whether you can use a steam mop on tile floors or keen to know how bad or good it is, stay tuned. Are steam mops bad for grout – no, it is not. Answering that loud and clear was vital.

Why No For An Answer?

Steam mops are in no way bad for the grouts. It is bad in only two cases. That also we are going to discuss later. But now let us tell you why it is good.

The steam mop works with plain water. You do not have to mix any solution or dish soap or any additional cleaner to clean the floors with a steam mop. The machine is designed to clean the floor and the stickiest dirt on it with hot steam.

There is a water tank where you fill water. Upon pressing the on-button, the water takes perhaps a maximum of 30 seconds to heat up and create steam. That steam at once reaches to the very effective microfiber cloth. Once the cloth or pad warms up, it passes the heat to the thick layer of the dirt. The heat slowly starts breaking the layer.

All you girls and boys who are into skincare knows how a slight heat easily unclogs the pores of our skin. The steam mop works the same way. And in a steam mop, you get powerful steam. So, it is bound to break the dirt into particles. Add the microfiber cloth or microfiber brush with nylon or brass bristles, and the steam mop turns fatal to the dirt.

Handheld Steam Mops

Some of the steam mops are handheld mops too. You unclasp the attachment from the prime device, and it turns into a handheld steam cleaner. Such machines prove to be much more effective in cleaning the grout lines. They are much safer too.

Our suggestion will always be inclined towards saving you bucks. So, we are going to ask you to buy a steam mop, which is also a handheld mop and comes with attachments like small nylon or brass brush. Like that, you can have a complete package for cleaning your whole house.

But if you already have a steam mop but that has nothing handheld in it, then go for the best handheld steam cleaner for grout. There are plenty in the market, do a bit of research, read the reviews, and how it works, and you are going to get the best one. You are going to need one once every two-three months.

Cause Of The Misconception

As we have stated earlier, there is a reason people think steam mops are bad for grouts. We also affirmed that that is true in two cases.

First Case – Using Chemicals

Harsh chemicals are always harmful to the grouts. These chemicals are the prime reason for ruining the adhesiveness of the grouts. When you use chemicals to sweep the floor, it naturally seeps down in the lines. In that narrow space, the liquid takes time to dry or evaporate. With constant cleaning with the same chemicals, you are continually filling the grout lines with chemicals. And slowly, the chemicals start loosening even the solid cement base of the grouts. So, it is not the steam mop; it is the chemicals that are bad for the grouts.

Second Case – An Already Damaged Grout

The chemicals bring us to our second case. Your grout lines are already damaged with chemicals. It is about to unstick from the surface. If now you are sweeping your tile floors and grouts with a steam mop, it will unstick fully. And you will, of course, think it is the steam mop which has caused it.

Things You Need To Know

Keep in mind, steam might be very powerful on sticky stains or solid dirt, but it is not so powerful to loosen the tiles with solid grouts. Grouts are designed to withstand steam. But sometimes the cheap tile flooring that is not sealed might get damaged with steam mopping too. So make sure to seal or laminate your tile flooring.

Steam mops are the best you can get to clean tiles grout as well as the tile flooring. These mops are known as a multi-surface cleaner. So, if you need one for only to clean the bathroom, that doesn’t mean you have to buy some other to clean the rest of the house. You can do it with this single machine. But for that, make sure you have the flooring that can be cleaned with steam mops. Though it works great on multiple surfaces, some floors are not meant to be clean with steam mop. Having proper knowledge is always the key, and the fact remains the same in the case of a mere steam mop too.