How Bean Bags Can Fit in Your Home


You might have had a bean bag chair in your bedroom when you were a kid.  Maybe you even took it off to college and displayed it with pride in your dorm room.  If you loved it then, odds are you’d love it now.

Though it might not have occurred to you to seek out a bean bag chair as a décor element in your home, you might wonder later why you didn’t think of it sooner.  Bean bag chairs are fun, versatile, comfortable, and affordable pieces of furniture that can fit into any home’s design.

Colors, Shapes, and Styles

The tattered old round bean bag chair from your college experience might be the image that pops into your mind when thinking about this particular piece of furniture.  But they have evolved into creative and respectable alternative decorative furniture pieces that are far more whimsical and adaptable than their traditional furniture counterparts will ever be.

Today’s bean bags come in so many shapes, colors, and styles that they can easily fit into any space, any room, color scheme, or design theme.  There are, of course, still round bean bag chairs.  You can buy bean bag ottomans, convertible bean bags with beds inside, structured bean bag chairs with the characteristics of a structured seat, and the feel and comfort of a bean bag.

There is a plethora of colors and fabrics available in bean bags, making it easy to find one that works well with the color palette of your home. Materials and textures like vinyl, corduroy, microsuede, and twill offer diversity in features and feel.  Solid colors or patterns, bold colors or soft and subtle, you’ll find a match that complements your room.

Go online and read about a CordaRoy’s or Lovesac bean bag  This will give you a good idea of how far bean bag chairs have come and how many options there are to choose from in today’s marketplace.

Functions, Features, and Fun

Bean bag chairs can serve many purposes.  They can be utilized as primary seating or extra seating when needed.  They work well in basements, playrooms, guest rooms, and dorms.  They can be used as gaming chairs, reading chairs, pregnancy chairs, sensory therapy, and autism therapy.  They also make beautiful and creative designer accents.

Because they are light-weight, it’s easy to move them from room to room.  Because they are durable, they last for years.  These are two features that have kept them popular since the late 1960s for lounging and watching TV. They are known for being comfortable for all shapes, sizes, and ages.  And above all, they have a reputation for being fun.

Standing Out and Blending In

On the one hand, your bean bag chair is a unique furniture piece chosen to complement the room it becomes part of.  So it will naturally stand out as an interesting element.  But since it’s non-traditional furniture, you also want to help it blend into the space it’s going to occupy.  Select a shade, pattern, or color that complements the style and décor in the room.

Pay attention to the size you need.  Measure the space it will go into and make sure you don’t bring home a bean bag so large that it dominates the room or so small that it seems like doll furniture in the space.

Put your bean bag chair in a place that will make it easily accessible for frequent use.  In front of the television, in a reading nook, or a child’s bedroom are all traditional placements for this more non-traditional piece of furniture.

Bean Bag Chairs for the Win

Because of how comfortable and versatile bean bag chairs are, they make a perfect addition to any home. Shop around for a high-quality, well-made bean bag chair that is the ideal fit for your home.  You might have mistakenly thought you’d outgrown your attachment to bean bag chairs, but today’s versions make it easy to see why they are still a winning choice in home furnishings.


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