How Can You Boost Up Your Construction Business Amidst Pandemic?


Coronavirus not only challenged our health and immune system but it has also brought a great test for our business and economy. Along with all the other struggling industries, the construction industry has also put to a great threat by the coronavirus. Just in the first half of 2020, about 22% drop has been observed in the construction sector.

However, we can’t give up by sitting idly and seeing coronavirus winning. We need to go through the strenuous struggle and pout enormous efforts to boost up our construction business amidst pandemic. Let’s find out what we can do to maintain the continuity at the construction site.

1. Wear Your Mask

As we told you earlier that construction workers are more likely to get coronavirus because of their working conditions so a mask is essential for them. Face masks may sound very basic but people are not even taking them seriously. They consider face masks a trifle shield while they are not. So make sure all the employers and employees wear their masks.

2. E-ticketing

Keeping in view the social distancing and contactless working ethics, the construction businesses should adopt e-ticketing. The digital transformation of the operations in the need of the hour. Therefore, the e-ticketing system can help you to continue your construction business with safety. Many construction sites have already implemented this system.

Besides safety, the e-ticketing system also increases the efficiency of the system. It saves a lot of time and money. Removing paper from your construction business will increase your productivity.

3. Disinfecting Cubes

As an employer, you should install several disinfecting cubes at the construction site for your employees. These disinfecting cubes will help the workers to sanitize themselves before entering the construction site. In this way, the risk of coronavirus will be reduced to some extent.

4. Social Distance Alert

As the viruses have got stronger, the people have got smarter. In case you don’t know, there are applicants available in the market that can send social distancing alerts to the workers. You can incorporate the sensors in their uniform i.e hat and as they will come close to each other and distance will be less than 6 feet, the alarm will let them know to be apart.

You must get these sensors for the safety of your employees. In this way, you can continue to work without worrying about social distancing.

5. Digital Check-in

Besides disinfectant cubes and social distancing, you need to make sure digital check-in for the drivers that visit at your construction site. All the trucks that bring cement, bricks and other material should be checked contactless through the scanners. They should get e-tickets to enter the construction site.

6. Online Payments

If workers are working at your construction site then you must have to pay them too. But giving cash by hand can be dangerous. So you should switch to digital payments or online payments. Keep the record of their due with the help of e-docs and transfer their payments directly into their bank accounts.

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