How Can You Tell If a Truck Is Overloaded?


Every driver has to be cautious when using the road, and it is the responsibility of each road user to adhere to the safety rules and regulations. Phones and drunk driving have stood out as a significant distractor to road users, causing severe accidents. Additionally, overloading can cause road accidents, whether it entails passengers or goods in transit. Drivers and owners of large commercial trucks tend to overload them to make more profits. This overloading puts the lives of other road users at risk.

Therefore, it is best to implement measures that help avoid unintentional overloading. This may include vehicle weighing solutions from Diverseco, which will not only help with overload identification but also data export and monitoring and payload monitoring.

As a road user, getting out of the way of an overloaded truck is always advisable if you see one. This can help you avoid falling victim to an accident. Here are several tips on how you can identify an overloaded truck.

A trailer or tractor whose cargo exceeds its weight limit restrictions will have the following signs:

The trailer struggles to brake or slow down

If you see a trailer before you or an oncoming trailer braking, but it takes too much time to slow down, it is likely to be overloaded. Generally, a heavy load will make it challenging for a driver to brake immediately as the bag tends to increase the forward motion of a truck.

Suspension Springs Look Compressed

Typically, a trailer carrying a load that does not exceed the weight restrictions will somehow keep bouncing. Therefore, if you notice that a truck before you are loaded and not bouncing, it could be overloaded. Usually, the suspension springs will be too compressed by the load, making it impossible to bounce.

If the Driver Seems to Be Struggling to Maintain a Straight Lane

Usually, an overloaded trailer will depict issues with its steering capabilities. Therefore, an overloaded truck will likely take time to regain control after avoiding an obstacle. Also, the driver may appear to be struggling to keep and maintain a straight driving path.

If it Appears Overloaded

If you observe that the cargo a truck carries seems to bulge out from the top or sides of the truck, it is likely to have more than it should.

If you notice such signs on a specific truck, it is best to keep your distance if it is before you and get out of its way when it is oncoming. This helps avoid accidents that could be fatal.

Risks of an Overloaded Trailer/Truck

  • Jackknifing
  • Rollovers
  • Reduced control in inclement weather
  • Increased stress on tires and brakes

If your company deals with transit goods trucks, always ensure you carry the legally allowed amount of goods. Utilize vehicle weighing systems to avoid assumptions that could result in massive damages and loss. Doing this will protect the lives of other road users and your driver and ensure the longevity of your truck.

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