How Can You Track Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign?


An affiliate marketing campaign is a couple of activities and processes which help to promote the affiliate product. If someone wants to get the best affiliate marketing campaign, then they have to track it. One should have to track their affiliate marketing campaign for the betterment of their business. By monitoring the affiliate efforts, you can check the outcomes. Having an affiliate marketing software from Voluum will help your affiliate campaign much more effective and efficient when it comes to tracking performance. It is also a user-friendly software that helps you manage large sets of advertising data. By monitoring the affiliate efforts, you can check the outcomes. That’s why you can be able to know that whatever you are doing is wrong or right. Here is some method to track it.

Actionable Metrics

The companies which have a high growth monitor, i.e. around 33% more metrics than the lower growth companies can assess their marketing efficiency. Low growth companies tilt towards the baseline metrics, like the number of new clients endowed. These numbers may increase the confidence level of the company.

Quantitative Metrics

Quantitative metrics are the most valuable metrics. It is the most popular way to measure the performance of affiliate marketing. Quantitative metrics track all terms of online marketing that you can produce numerically.

Cost per Lead

In marketing strategy, if you want to measure cost per lead, then you have to measure lead generation channel one by one. When you got the number, then you can compare them with the previous marketing campaigns to check the performance of your present program.

Incremental revenue

Incremental revenue is the revenue which is generated by unique sales provided by an affiliate. To calculate the total revenue, firstly, you have to add the base revenue quarterly or yearly. An affiliate gives 100 per cent of incremental sales. Your main motto is to recognize the percentage of incremental sales and whether it is enough or not for your business.

Reversed sales rate

The reversed sales rate point outs the number of people credited to an affiliate who return the production which was bought from your website previously. For example, a 6 per cent reversed sales rate means that 6-orders out of 10 are connected to an affiliate that is canceled. It is obvious for businesses to have some reversal.

Return on investment

Return on investment is considered as the most important measure of performance. It is so because it calculates the amount of profit of a marketing campaign. Now, on the other hand, ROI helps you to know how much money you have gotten back for each dollar.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate looks after the percentage of people who fulfill a sale on your website. For example, if you have a 3 per cent conversion rate, it means 3-users of your website either make an investment or leave their contact information.

Vanity Metrics

Vanity metrics calculate the number of downloads, registered users, followers, etc. These things make the producer proud of their company.

By using some affiliate tracking tools you can make your marketing activities more accurate and easier.


In a nutshell, it may be summarized that the creation of an affiliate marketing campaign is the best way to promote your website’s products in various ways. But firstly, you have to determine the products or services which you want to promote. And also you need to understand how to track the affiliate marketing campaign for the growth of your website.

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