How Casino Game Developers Use Mystical Settings to Entertain Us

Video games are no strangers to whisking us away to fun and mystical settings. In the classic ’80s video game, Dragons Lair, Dirk the Knight has to rescue a princess from an evil dragon. In the Super Mario Bros. games, players can also collect stars to give themselves a speed boost that has them zipping through the level like a humanoid cheetah.

But it’s not just traditional, console-based games that have used whimsical and supernatural settings to boost the entertainment factor. Casino game developers also fully embrace these themes – and it’s incredibly effective.

Why Do So Many Casino Games Have Mystical Themes?

Mythical and mystical themes are effective in online casino games because of their ability to transport players. Many of us play games in order to clear our minds, have fun, and for a bit of free time away from work or our other responsibilities. Through supernatural themes and fantastical words that don’t actually exist, casino games are able to help people do just that, enhancing the entertainment factor.

A lot of mystical settings are also incredibly colorful, lending themselves to the extravagant graphics that online casino players look for. This is recently seen in Realistic Games’ new release, the Rainbow Magic online slot, which includes staples such as mushrooms, fairies, crystals and harps which appear as symbols across the reels. Features including free coins, free slots and a gentle, idyllic background all make for a relaxing gaming experience.

How More Game Developers Can Embrace This

How Casino Game Developers Use Mystical Settings to Entertain Us
While these traditional mystical themes are popular with game developers and players alike, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for plenty of interpretation. There are lots of mythical beings, from unicorns and leprechauns to minotaurs, centaurs, mermaids and gryphons. In online casino games, these can bring in innovative bonus rounds and pleasant themes.  Be sure to check out options for a great online casino as well!

As for traditional video games, developers create huge open-worlds, figuring out quests in which players could meet and interact with these mythical creatures. Developers also have to figure out a way for these creatures to make sense within the world – discovering this lore will be part of the entertainment.

The interest in mythical themes isn’t likely to dry up soon; there is so much to be explored and so many interesting takes. However the genre develops, there will be thousands and millions of players lining up, all ready to see what it has to offer.