How cheap it is to move in Vietnam

Linda is a traveler. She is looking for a marvelous travel places where she can entertain, get good quality accommodation as well as good quality food at a cheap price.

The question is that? Is this possible?

If you are looking for an awesome and marvelous place as Linda at a low price, you have landed in the right place.

In this short ultimate guide, I will try to share with you my best experience in Vietnam country as well as I will let you know how cheap it is to travel in Vietnam.

So without wasting any time let’s dive into it how cheap actually it is…

As a south Asian country, Vietnam is cheap compared to in western countries. Lots of remote workers choose to live in Vietnam place because of its scenery. The cost of living and budget to prepare if you plan to move to Vietnam is very affordable such as :

  • cheap apartments to rent in Vietnam for long term expats

  • very good ratio between the quality / cost of living about food, entertainment, travel, …


The great thing is the main city of Vietnam that you will get everything which you will be looking for. You have several choices while it comes to choose a room. You can choose a high-quality five-star hotel or if you want a fundamental accommodation too low budget, you can. Because everything in Vietnam you will get at a cheap price. You can rent a very nice room for as low as $200.00 a month. Read more about this full guide to rent an apartment in Vietnam if you plan to spend a couple of months there.


Everyone loves entertainment but the question is that is it possible to entertain at a low price? Yes, my friend, it’s possible. Vietnam can give you an awesome experience on it. No matter how conscious you are about your budget. There have so many choices in budget-friendly.

Vietnam is one of the countries where you can get the cheapest high-quality beers. I did not much drink beer before living in Vietnam. While I come here and drink first at low price I start drinking. Pretty good right?

If you are don’t like beers. No worry there has so many options and places where you can see marvelous scenery at a cheap price. If you want to know more about the cost of living and budget in Vietnam, check this post.


There are lots of malls in the cities of Vietnam as well as other public places access around the Major areas that is why we can say you have lots of opportunity to enjoy these activities. You can so easily watch movies $4 and up. You can go to the museum where you would see so much attractive Vietnam memories as well as there you don’t have to pay more than 0.85 dollars. Pretty awesome, right?


Usually, motorbikes are the most transportation in Vietnam cities. You can so easily rent them and can go to the various most major cities. Oil is not so expensive so you can easily rent and it won’t be so high.

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