How Destiny 2 Boosting Works


Some gamers don’t have the time to “grind” for levels and hunt for rare items, as they may have a full-time job or a busy schedule in school to have enough free time for grinding. Because of the lack of time needed for them to get to high levels and enjoy more exciting and challenging quests, most of them would resort to “boosting,” a service provided by the best players to help the client’s avatar or character to have high levels and get rare weapons or items.

Boosting exists in many video games, and one of those is Destiny 2, which is currently one of the most popular games around the world. Destiny 2 features interesting quests when the character or avatar has a high level, hence the reason why some gamers would apply for boosting in order for them to enjoy those quests faster. So, how does Destiny 2 boosting work? Let’s find out as we dig deeper into the features and services of Destiny 2 boosting.

Types of Game Boosting

Before we get into the details on Destiny 2 boosting, let us first discuss the types of game boosting that you can apply for. The type of boosting you choose would depend on how much time you can play the game per day and how long you want the service to last. Here are the two most common types of game boosting.

Pilot Boosting

Pilot boosting is done when the client gives his or her account to the booster, and the booster will then use the client’s character and avatar to grind for levels and rare items. As such, the client wouldn’t really have to play the game in order to get to a high level, as the booster will do it for him or her.

However, since you will be giving your account to the booster if ever you choose pilot boosting, you must make sure that the booster is trustworthy and would not do anything wrong to your account. There are many safe and highly regarded game boosting websites or independent boosters online, so finding a good game booster is not that difficult.

Assisted or Self-Play Boosting

Assisted boosting, better known as self-play boosting, is the option where the client will still play his character or avatar, and the booster will just assist him or her on the map on where to go, what to look for, and how to defeat certain enemies. In this type of game boosting, you don’t have to give your account details to the booster, as you will actually need to control your avatar and the booster’s character will only be assisting or guiding you on missions.

Some players would call this process Destiny 2 carry because your avatar is being carried by a stronger character to finish missions. If you have the time to play Destiny 2 every day, then this might be the best and safest option for you, but if you can only play during weekends, pilot boosting would be the most recommended choice.

Boosting Services Offered in Destiny 2

PS4 controllers that can be used to play Destiny 2

There are different services that game boosting groups or business offer for their clients, with some being offered as a package or bundle. Here are the few services offered for boosting in Destiny 2.

  • Power Leveling – A service where the booster will use your character (for pilot boost) or help you (assisted boost) reach your preferred level in the fastest time possible. Most power leveling services are more effective in pilot boosting, as the booster will be able to have better control over how fast to level up your character.
  • Farming for Weapons, Armor, and Items – This service might be the most commonly applied for by gamers, as it involves getting the rarest items and weapons in the game for only a short period of time. Most video games would often have a “holy grail item” that is very difficult to get, which makes it highly sought-after by many. With the help of boosting, gamers will be able to get rare items, including the holy grail “Not Forgotten” weapon, faster and easier.
  • Raids – Raids are considered to be some of the hardest missions in Destiny 2, hence the reason why many players would often seek the help of boosters to finish the challenging raids in the game. Boosters can offer to complete the raids for the client, or they could just accompany the client’s character during the raid to make it easier to deal with powerful enemies.
  • PvP Rank Boost – This service would need the booster to pilot your account and allow him or her to fight several players on PvP in order to reach your desired rank in the mode.
  • Weekly Challenges – Destiny 2 would have weekly challenges that consist of missions that are exclusive to the week that is assigned to. With the help of boosters, you will be able to finish all of these weekly challenges before the week ends.
  • Seasonal Events – Besides weekly challenges, the game would also have seasonal events that could only be played on specific dates. A booster can pilot your account or assist you on the missions featured in these seasonal events so that you can get rewards much faster.

And, there you have it, the details of how boosting works in Destiny 2. Boosting is perfect for gamers that don’t want to waste time grinding to get their desired level or to have rare items and just want to enjoy the other aspects of the game. So, if you want to get to the interesting parts of Destiny 2 immediately without grinding for levels, then boosting may be suitable for you.

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