How Did Industrial Pre Roll Machines Change the Industry

Not many of us had had our first experience with cannabis in ideal conditions. Most people have smoked in a tight group of friends or for medical purposes. And not much has changed about consuming a freshly lit joint since then, except the cannabis industry that has started to refer to them as pre-rolls.

Some have argued that the pre-rolls segment has been one of the least dynamic sectors, as concentrates and edibles launch new products every quarter. Compared to those markets, pre-rolls seem to have a hard time standing out. Nevertheless, they have seen incredible growth, maybe even earning the title of the fastest-growing market in the industry. 

So what’s the story behind that? We’ll talk about how industrial pre-roll machines changed the industry and the benefits they brought. Stay tuned!

More Accessible Goods

As cannabis became legal in several US states and Canada, the industry started flourishing. Both big and small businesses began operating and producing more products thanks to industrial pre-roll machines. This technology plays a major role in the process of making pre rolled cones.. For example, industrial & commercial pre roll machines by Hefestus can produce up to 2,000 rolls per hour. That number is almost impossible to achieve without hiring more than a dozen people.

With such a high output, pre-rolls have become more accessible to people in all communities where this is legal. You can find many shops and resellers with pre-prepared joints and other cannabis products waiting for you. Machines have made it easier to purchase and access such products.

Cost-Effective Labor

The goal of most companies is to increase their cost-effectiveness. And even though businesses couldn’t thrive without hard-working employees, sometimes those very people can slow down the whole process. Thus, in this case, industrial pre-roll machines have significantly impacted the cost-effectiveness of most companies. This leaves more room for creating top-notch products and producing a higher amount of pre-rolls. 

Consistent Products

Another thing that industrial machines can promise is consistency. When rolling joints or packaging any other products by hand, you can expect every item to be unique. This might be good for personal use, but bigger businesses want picture-perfect. That’s where industrial pre-roll machines step in. If you’re curious, you can even see how they work by watching Hefestus videos on Youtube. This company produces some of the best machines in the industry, creating a perfect solution for anyone interested in future ventures.

What technology can guarantee is the same product over and over again. All pre-rolls will turn out to be identical, which will help you build your brand’s identity and keep its image spotless. Ultimately, this will lead to loyal and returning customers.

Prolonged Shelf Life

As you probably know, cannabis has a shelf life. It doesn’t matter whether it’s purchased or fresh — it will most likely degrade over time. What’s more, if you don’t use cannabis for a couple of months, it will likely grow mold and get a weird smell, losing its potency. Luckily, good storage and efficient packaging can prolong its life significantly.

That’s why pre-rolled joints have found their audience now. With the introduction of industrial pre-roll machines, joints have increased their shelf life. Pre-packaging has been upgraded, and with the right storage, you can expect them to last a long time. You can learn more about safe cannabis use and myths by reading this article.

You can even help your products stay fresher for longer by keeping them in mason jars and humidity storage containers and thus prolong their life much more than expected. If you’ve been to a smoke shop, you’ve probably noticed that many products are similarly stored.