How Difficult is Salesforce Certification

Has your career been stagnating for some time? Are you eager to move on?  If yes, it is time to enhance your knowledge and skills via diverse certifications. One of the most trending courses is the salesforce certification program. As a certified salesforce professional, you will present yourself as a ‘force’ to reckon with in the IT arena. 

It is quite challenging to access experts in managing this cloud-based customer relationship management software. Organizations, which have to handle large quantities of data flowing in from various sources, are on the lookout for people like you! 

Now, many institutions offer this training program. However, not all of them may prove satisfactory enough to suit your expectations. Therefore, do browse around a little before you make your choice. 

The Salesforce Training Program

The training program will teach you how to configure the salesforce platform. In turn, you will be able to gather and analyze customer feedback. You will even learn how to design salesforce applications. Then, you also get to learn how to perform a Google Salesforce integration and work on a sales dashboard for professionally tracking, locating, managing and recording various tasks, pertaining to sales, revenue, customers and performance.


In actuality, there is no restriction on anyone wishing to learn all about salesforce. You just have to exhibit a keen interest in furthering your education. However, if you have been working as a developer or system administrator, your experience should come in handy for a secure grasp of the essentials of the salesforce. Other beneficiaries include product managers, sales representatives, app builders, and IT managers. 

Examination and Certification

As mentioned earlier, you may opt to study on your own, at your own pace. You will have access to the requisite study materials. However, if you wish to link up with online, interactive classes as an add-on to self-study, you may do so too. Whatever is the case, clearing the examination at the end of the training program rests entirely in your hands. 

The question paper comprises of 60 questions. Some require single answers. The rest are in the multiple-choice format, with only one correct answer for each question. The time limit for completing the exam is 90 minutes. If you manage to get at least 39 answers correct, you may be at peace. It suffices to give you a score of 65%, which is the pass percentage. Therefore, work diligently throughout the course. In case you do not get through the exam, you may re-attempt thrice. Sometimes, it does happen that even three attempts do not help you gain your certification. Then a year will have to go by prior to attempting the certification test a fourth time.

Now, you may gain confidence if you go in for a practice test prior to the real examination. The mock exam follows a similar pattern to the actual one. It will help you recognize your strengths and pain points. Additionally, if you fail to clear the practice test, you may attempt it once again. However, do be better prepared prior to the second attempt. 

It is the Right Time for Salesforce Certification

Yes, indeed, there is no time like the present for boosting your career. If you have the knack to deal with data and the skills to handle customer preferences, just go for salesforce certification! The following reasons should serve to convince you even more.

Certification is Proof of your Expertise

Your credentials make you go up in the estimation of both the organization and consumers. They trust your skills and your judgments. Your actions with salesforce are living proof of your abilities. Therefore, people have no hesitation in lining up at your organizational doorstep.

Your Thirst for Knowledge is All too Evident

Even if you fail to remain up-to-date with technological advancements, salesforce will not allow you to slack. The platform comes up with all manner of innovative features thrice every year. You will have to appear for a test, which links to each novel release. Otherwise, your salesforce certificate will lapse. Thus, everybody around you appreciates the fact that you are keen to learn and grow.

Employer and Employees are Happy

Your success is the success of the organization! Your certification is proof of your talents in the salesforce arena. Then again, you share your knowledge and skills with other members of your team. Therefore, the entire company performs better, thereby saving money and time. 

Your credentials convince your employer that training and certifications are essential. Consequently, he/she encourages other employees to acquire extra skills too. In turn, employees feel that they offer some value to the organization and become more productive.

You Improve Your Productivity

All this time, you have been working hard. However, after gaining salesforce certification, you decide to work smarter. You prompt your team to take up one project after another rapidly. Members do not have to worry about problems cropping up along the way. You are there to provide fast and accurate solutions and even help in executing them successfully.

Then again, you lead by example. Since the team finds you wrestling with challenges with a never-say-die attitude, it does the same. Thus, overall productivity and efficiency also improve.

You Gain Access to Lucrative Opportunities

The best part of acquiring a salesforce certification is that you gain access to all manner of interesting jobs. For instance, your employer may award you a new role in the organization. Alternatively, you may receive a promotion, with added responsibilities and challenges. Sometimes, you feel like seeking fresh opportunities elsewhere. Whatever is the case, you view the IT world with fresh eyes after gaining certification. 

As for the roles you may take up, after your training, you may become an administrator, functional consultant, business analyst, or developer for the salesforce platform. If a managerial role interests you, you may choose between a platform or project manager. Finally, if you are confident of the depth of your salesforce knowledge, try for technical architect or solution architect positions. Thus, you may experiment with a completely new array of jobs!