How Do Bird Deterrents Work, and Which Deterrent Is Best for You?


If you are looking for a bird deterrent that works great anywhere, Bird Free Gel might be the solution you are looking for. This is because the gel has a lot of advantages and can be easily used by anybody. Plus, it is entirely harmless to both humans and animals. 

What Bird Deterrent Solutions Are Available?

Getting birds to leave you and your property alone can be quite a difficult task. Sure, some of them are nice to have around, and even keep as pets, but some are just noisy and make a lot of mess. So people try to get rid of them. Killing them is not an option but there are other solutions. 

Bird deterrents such as spikes, netting, ultrasound machines, and others, are just a few of the options that are available on the market today. The main differences between them are the way they are installed and how effective they are. For instance, putting up bird nets can be quite difficult, especially if you have a lot of surfaces to cover. So in order to avoid any kind of injuries you should hire professionals to help you. Sure, you can try and put a net up yourself, but only after you are certain that you have taken all necessary safety precautions. 

Gels are a new kind of bird deterrent solution that is available on the market. And they seem to do the trick. That’s because they are cheaper than other solutions, and don’t require complicated installation, although it is important to follow the application instructions.

How To Choose the Right Bird Deterrent Solution?

Right Bird Deterrent Solution

Choosing the right bird deterrent solution really depends on what you can live with. For instance, some may want something more discreet. Businesses, for example, want something that will not stand out too much to their customers, and also not get in the way of advertising signs. So they will probably go for gels, sprays, and other things like that. That’s because these options are the most non-invasive ones when it comes to the general image of the business. They can be placed almost anywhere and are really long-lasting. 

For residential buildings, people may try more conspicuous bird deterrent solutions. For instance, people that have houses, especially those that have exposed ledges and rafters, will sometimes opt for bird strips. They may not be as aesthetic as gels and sprays, but they will get the job done. Also, these are the type of solutions that don’t need to be looked after. Once installed, the owners can forget about them. That’s because they are usually made from very resistant and lightweight metal. All one has to do is make sure that they are nailed or glued securely in place. 

Where Can I Find These?

Most people prefer to call in a professional. Others prefer the internet. There are a lot of shops that sell these online, at quite reasonable prices. The idea is that they aren’t hard to find, and can also be quite affordable. 

Is Bird Free Gel Safe to Use?

Bird Free Gel is maybe one of the best ways of controlling the bird population in your area. That’s because the gel pads can be literally used anywhere, indoors and outdoors. It is a non-lethal solution to warding off birds of any kind and making them stay away. Plus, it isn’t harmful to humans or other pets. That’s because of the way it was designed to work. The gel emits UV light, which is invisible to the human eye, but alters bird’s behaviour. This way, the bird is still unharmed and kept away from any areas where this solution is used. 

Also, because it is so easy to use, it can literally be placed on almost any surface, without much help. The gel disks are fixed with a spot of silicone, so you don’t need to hammer them in or anything. Also, installing them takes no time at all. All one needs is a ladder and the disks themselves. And because they are designed to be used in any conditions, they are extremely resistant to weather changes and even to pollution, lasting for at least five years. 

How Does It Affect the Birds?

How Does It Affect the Birds

Firstly, the UV light emitted by the gel gives the bird the impression of flames. Although no actual fire is present, the birds will perceive that area as a hazardous one and will avoid it. Also, the gel has a specific scent, which the birds can’t stand. For the more stubborn of them, the gel is also sticky. Birds hate to touch anything sticky, and after a few attempts of landing, they will certainly give up and fly away. The gel will not harm birds due to its high viscosity.

How Does One Install These Pads?

Gel pads have to be installed according to firstly how populated the area is. For instance, in places that are regularly used for nests, the pads should be closer together. For those that are used for roosting, the pads can be spaced further apart, in order to cover a larger area. Also, when installing them, make sure that you use enough for whatever your needs may be. 

Also, the gel pads can be installed on a vertical surface as well. Some birds can cling onto walls and other surfaces, make a mess or just be noisy. Thanks to the adhesive used, the pads can be installed anywhere. Just make sure that before installing them, you thoroughly clean the surface and the entire area. This is done in order to remove any dirt or droppings that might make the adhesive not work. Also, this way, any pathogens left behind to mark their territory are neutralized.

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