How do I add Celtic flair to my wedding?


A wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life. It’s the day that they will commit themselves fully to another person for the rest of their lives. 

Weddings are also a great way to show a couple’s style! Where else can you add elements of what you are as a couple in the clothes you wear, the food you eat, and all the decorations done to the venue during the ceremony and the reception? For some couples, it’s also a great way to honor their culture and heritage. 

One of the most popular is a Celtic wedding. There are many reasons why Celtic weddings are popular. Aside from the fact that it is done as a nod to the tradition, it is also unique and can result in a really beautiful wedding. 

What can I add to my wedding?

The truth is, there are so many ways that you can add Celtic flair to your wedding. Each and every aspect of your special day can have that influence and it is up to you to just decide where to add them. Here are some tips or areas where they can be incorporated. 

Do the tradition of handfasting – This tradition has been going on during pagan times but it is still being practiced today. It’s a very simple ritual where the couple’s hands are tied together. This is a simple ritual that the two are now bound together. It is such a simple and intimate ceremony that speaks volumes as it shows the two committing to each other forever. This can be done when the couple is saying their personal vows to each other. 

Wear Celtic wedding attires – This is where you can really show a Celtic influence. Have your groom and even groomsmen wear kilts on your special day! The color is up to you, as you can choose colors that coordinate with the motif you have chosen for the wedding. But if you are undecided about the color, then you should remember that Celts believe that for weddings, the lucky color was blue. You can check out some of the kilts at Kilts n Stuff for quality kilts that can be worn on any special occasion. Now for brides, you don’t have to wear a kilt and you can still stick to the white dress brides usually wear. But you can also choose a blue dress if you are feeling that you want to be more unique. 

Add Celtic elements to the entertainment or food – If you have the budget, why not hire a bagpiper to provide the music for the reception? You can also make your cake a fruitcake and add some shamrocks or elements of it for that authentic Celtic flair for this special occasion. 

Whatever way you choose to add Celtic details to the wedding, whether it is in the clothes, rituals, or music, just enjoy the process of planning everything together. This is a special day and each detail should really reflect something that you love as a couple. 


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