How Do I Identify a Window Manufacturer?


Identifying who made your windows has many benefits to a homeowner. This provides you with valuable information such as the quality of the windows that are installed, manufacturer information as well as manufacturer warranties, and additional details you would need if you ever have to replace your windows.

In some cases, the windows on your house are not ones you’ve chosen, unless you bought and built a brand new home. Chances remain you may not know what manufacturer the previous owners, builder, or developers chose.

But finding out how to identify your window manufacturers is easier than you think and this guide can help you.

How to identify a window manufacturer

Contact the original supplier, installer or previous owners

One of the best ways to try and find out who manufactured your windows is to try reaching out to the company who originally installed the windows. The window installer will have all the information on the kind, style and manufacturer of your windows, and should be able to help you with any questions about replacement that you may have.

The second option is to try contacting the builders who built your home to see if they can connect you with the window installer or simply provide you with details on your window. Finally, if all else fails you can reach out to the previous homeowners to see if they have any details they can pass along to you.

Identify the window through a trademark or manufacturer’s code

Most often, the windows themselves may have the manufacturer’s name etched into the glass. Check the lower corners of the for something that would look similar to a trademark. If your windows don’t have an etched mark or name, there might be a label from an energy agency that can find the manufacturer’s name or a numerical code. If there is a number, you can easily correlate it with an online agency list to determine which company made your windows.

Some windows also can come with standardized labels from various associations that can help you identify them. If your window has one of these silver or gold labels, you can look for the manufacturer’s code, which is usually around the areas where it says “MFR CODE” or  “CODE”. After getting the code, a quick online search should give you the identity of the manufacturer.

Double Check Your Home’s Records

Sometimes you don’t even need to go too far to find out who made your windows. In the original paperwork you would have received back when you purchased your house, there should be information about your windows. This can range from documents like window labels, a copy of the warranty, a copy of receipts or in other cases even energy-saving tax receipts/incentives. 

Other documents that may have information about your windows can include home inspection reports. In some home inspection reports they might include details about the quality of the windows or additional information such as the demand of your particular windows at the time the report was made. 

Visit a Local Window Supplier

Another tactic you can use to try and identify your window manufacturer is by bringing all the information and details you have amassed to a local window supplier or window replacement company. Make sure to bring all relevant information such as serial numbers, logos, window descriptions (things like size of glass, defining features, etc.). 

A good window company should be able to help you identify manufacturers and order an appropriate replacement. If the manufacturer is unidentifiable or went out of business, a window specialist should be able to help you order a good suitable replacement.

Bring in an Window Expert 

If you have exhausted all other options, the last fail safe you can always do is bring in a window expert to check out the windows themselves. They can determine (or at least roughly estimate) who created the windows by examining details like the style, thickness of the glass and other minuscule details that only experts can recognize.

One of the benefits of having a window expert come in to examine your windows is that they can also advise you on whether you should or shouldn’t replace your windows. Their expertise can highlight any existing issues that are currently occurring or may happen down the line due to the manufacturer’s style and design.

In conclusion

Whether you look through your original home records, look for the etched trademark or call in a professional window company, There are plenty of ways to identify the manufacturer of your windows.

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