How Do I Know If My Company Would Benefit From Animated Video Production?


The short answer is that most businesses can benefit from animated video production. But if you’re unsure, there are ways to know if the time and cost of this popular marketing option is the right direction for your company. Here are a few tips to help you make this critical decision. 

The Industry is Saturated with Competition 

Some businesses are lucky enough to be in a relatively new industry or have plenty of room for growth. If your company’s in a saturated market, you need to stand out from the competition. That’s not an easy task. One way to do this is with animated videos. Something as simple as adding a gif to your company’s logo can make a massive difference in appealing to your customer base. 

Your Website Has a High Bounce Rate

Website traffic is excellent. However, once visitors hit your site, you want to keep them reading, listening, watching, shopping, or signing up for services. Many businesses are great at attracting customers to their website, but too many read a few lines of an article, glance at a product, and move onto another brand. With a saturated market, it can get even harder to keep visitor’s attention. Enter the animated video. Research shows people will stick around longer with engaging content. Animation can improve how much time they spend on your website and improve the chances of converting these viewers to sales. 

It’s an Essential, but not Interesting Industry

Many products are a necessity in life, but they’re not very interesting. Brands have to find a way to reach customers to get their message across. Consider paper towels. They’re important. Many consider them essential household cleaning items. But if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all? Not really. Brands like Brawny, Bounty, and Sparkle have found ways to stand out with animated videos and other animated content. 

Your Brand Needs a More Human Face

Not all people have the face or likeness to sell products. Additionally, some items need a different look than their CEO, owner, or other authority figures. For example, women don’t want to see a man trying to explain feminine products. Hiring an actor with a well-known face is something an established brand with a large marketing budget can do without a problem. Just look at Tampax with Amy Schumer for an excellent example. Animation can provide an inviting quality to your content without costing more than your CEO earns in a year. 

There are clear benefits to animated corporate video for businesses in all industries. Animation appeals to all genders, age groups, and educational levels. This type of content is essential for a saturated sector to stand apart from the competition. It’s also an excellent way to humanize your brand. Adding an animated face to your marketing material might be just as effective as full-length videos with actors and full dialog when done right. For more information about how animated video can help your brand, contact Sentio Space today.

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