How Do I Maintain My Carpet After a Professional Carpet Cleaning?


Carpets are unquestionably the most crucial facet of your home interior; they enrich the aesthetics while also giving unsurpassed warmth and comfort to its occupants. However, constant foot friction, spills, pets, and other factors cause them to get filthy. Hence homemakers seek professional assistance from time to time to maintain optimal carpet care; specialist’s deep clean carpets, resulting in a healthy and quiet environment at home. After all, there’s nothing like beautiful, comforting, sanitary carpet, regardless of the expense. Apart from getting professional assistance, what you do in the interim between two cleaning procedures has a significant influence on the condition of your carpets. Following are some basic steps that homeowners may do to maintain their carpets fresh and clean following a professional cleaning.

Professional cleaning aftercare tips carpet owners should practice

Carpet care is vital & should be practiced often. Apart from being cautious around carpets here are a few tips & tricks that can facilitate appropriate carpet upkeep. There are two categories in which aftercare can be divided for better understanding & execution, they are:

What you can do immediately after the treatment?

Keep the room well ventilated

Despite the fact that professionals utilize high-tech dryers and dehumidifiers to dry moisture after carpet cleaning Sydney, carpets are likely to remain damp for some time. As a result, ensure the carpeted area has enough air ventilation. Keeping windows open and fans running will aid in the removal of moisture. Healthy air movement will speed drying and prevent germs from settling.

Hold off furniture placement

Furniture that was moved out of the way during the cleaning should be kept out of the way for a while thereafter, at least until the carpet dries and settles in place. When heavy furniture is placed on freshly cleaned carpets, it pushes the pile down and changes its position. Sharp-edged furniture can also cause holes or lumps in carpets. Hence do not place furniture immediately after cleaning. To minimize sun fading and fabric damage, move furniture around from time to time.

Do not step on carpets right away

Foot movement on the carpet, like furniture, may destroy the texture of the fabric, therefore avoid walking on carpets after a professional clean. Allow time for the carpet to settle and dry completely before stepping on it. It’s meaningless to get expert help if you’re going to ruin it straight away. Similarly, after expert treatment, keep children and pets away from carpets since the danger of damage is rather significant.

Apply fabric protector

Apply fabric protector

Few people realize how important it is to prevent carpets damage. Fabric protectors can help to protect the fabric by making it water and stain-resistant. Apply fabric protectors after cleaning, or have the scotch-guarding treatment applied by specialists after cleaning. Upholstery protectors’ Teflon-based solution produces a protective barrier between bacteria and carpet fibers. Fabric protectors are easily accessible in marketplaces; all you have to do is check the ingredients and avoid solutions that contain toxic chemicals.

What to do in-between professional treatments?

Never leave moisture unattended

Moisture in any form is harmful to carpets, so address it right away if you see it. Allowing any type of dampness to penetrate into the fabric of carpets will lead to the growth of germs. Furthermore, if the moisture is caused by an accidental spill or pet urine, your carpet may become permanently discolored and microbiological growth may occur. Mold spores and dust mite larvae can pose serious health threats to residents. Even though carpet steam cleaning can kill existing bacteria, microbial growth can only be prevented with proper care & attention. Therefore never leaving humidity unattended; similarly, carpets should not be placed near humid areas.

Treat stains appropriately

Carpet owners, especially those with pets and children are concerned about stains. Always make sure you manage the stain properly, regardless of what caused it. Scrubbing the discoloration will just drive the dirt particles further into the cloth. Blot the stain with a paper towel, dilute the stain with water, and keep blotting until the stain vanishes. Furthermore, it is critical to address stains as soon as possible; leaving stains to remain in the fabric may result in permanent defects, resulting in an unsightly appearance of your beloved carpet. If the stain is difficult to remove, you should seek professional help.

Reinforce a vacuuming routine

Vacuuming is unquestionably the best approach to keep the carpet’s surface clean. Even though it is not as efficient as carpet cleaning, vacuuming helps to remove bacteria, dirt, pollens, dust, pet hair, and other contaminants from the surface of the carpet efficiently. The longer the time between vacuuming sessions, the more dirt and allergens are likely to settle on the fabric of the carpet. For optimum care, carpets should be vacuumed at least 3-4 times a week, unlike other upholstered items. In addition to vacuuming on a regular frequency, carpet owners should remove the beater bar before vacuuming to avert over agitation. This keeps the fibers from splitting and protects your carpet’s supple feel.

Do not rely on DIYs

It may be tempting to use DIYs to remove stains, mold, or clean carpets, but do not do so. While some DIYs have been shown to be beneficial, there is the possibility of irreversible harm including discoloration, color leakage, damaged cushioning, holes, and even bleach stains. In the long term, always use specialists to deep clean and restore carpets to their original form.

Take off your shoes

Nothing ruins carpets more than heavy foot traffic. Don’t go about barefoot, but make sure you don’t stomp on carpets with stained, unclean shoes. To prevent soil and debris from harming carpets, use a doormat.

Carpets are subjected to the most harm and should be treated with the highest care and attention. Once a year professional cleaning is insufficient, but twice a year is usually sufficient. Make your appointment as soon as possible so you don’t have to worry about it afterward. After a professional carpet cleaning service, there are no elaborate rituals or pricey techniques to keep your carpets looking wonderful for longer. Hopefully, these aftercare suggestions will assist you in keeping your carpets in pristine condition following a professional cleaning.

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