How Do Mentalists Guess Numbers? (Everything To Know)


What is a mentalist? The term mentalist refers to a performer who seems to have highly advanced intuitive or mental abilities, including telepathy, telekinesis, mind-reading, and telepathy.  Magicians have entertained crowds by doing magic shows mixed with illusions.

The capability of a mentalist to guess numbers, or more accurately, PINs, is quite impressive.

Mentalists can guess your number from two perspectives. It’s either outright deception or the use of nonverbal cues to interpret the figures. The famous Swami Gimmick is among the most often employed tactics.

What methods do mentalists use to guess numbers?

A mentalist can guess your numbers in several ways. Yet, it is essential to know that mentalists do not possess any special abilities. It is all a matter of practice. It is a myth that mentalists can read minds. Instead, mentalists rely heavily on nonverbal cues to perform their experiments. Here are some tried-and-true tactics and tricks for pulling off the mind-reading ruse.

  • The Magic Math Formula

Who’d have guessed that arithmetic is employed during a mentalist act? The mentalist pretends to predict numbers using simple mathematical computations under this situation.

For instance, they can request the audience to imagine a number. After that;

  • To the picked number, they should add the following most significant amount.
  • Add nine
  • Split into two
  • Deduct the initial number from the total.

Regardless of the number the audience picks, the solution to the calculation is always five. You simply have to act as though you can read the participant’s minds. Therefore it calls for a good rehearsal so your audience can believe. And that’s how to wow your audience with basic math abilities.

  • Swami Gimmick

Swami Gimmick is a popular way to read minds. When watching a mentalist, the observer is asked to focus on phone numbers. The mentalist urges the spectators to replay the numbers mentally to increase drama and intensity.

After that, the mentalist acts like they are writing the digits on a paper or card. They will then invite the audience to note down the numbers on a sheet of paper once they’ve “written” them down.

Simultaneously, the mentalist uses a Swami marker to jot down those figures swiftly. It’s a plastic piece connected to the mentalist’s fingertip with the lead end. After that, the mentalist will show the viewers their card, which has identical numbers, and the crowd is frequently astounded.

  • Sealed Envelope Technique

The enclosed envelope method is among the most popular and classical number guess techniques. Even though it’s an old trick, it always amazes viewers and results in a slew of conspiracies. The sealed envelope technique encompasses deceptive arm movements and vibrant viewership; this technique takes a great deal of stagecraft and the power to keep the viewer’s attention. 

It’s a standard method used in television shows. The mentalist will ask their viewers to pick any number between one and a thousand. During this time, a minimum of three participants come to the stage. Each of them then jots down the numbers of their choice. After that, the mentalist enlists the help of a different audience member to add the figures.

Take note that you’re dealing with a sealed envelope that contains a number. A different audience member will open that particular envelope, and surprisingly, the summed figures on the papers equal the number in the envelope.

How Is This Possible?

Before a mentalist asks participants to handwrite their numerals, they place some numbers on the pad. When the participants begin writing their chosen digits, he cleverly passes the paper to them with its blank side facing upwards. They pass over the notepad with the pre-selected figures on the pad upper side while another participant is summoned to perform the computations. 

The audience is unlikely to add all the digits fast enough, so it’s no wonder the mentalists range the numbers to 1000. Eventually, the sum of figures jotted in the notebook will match whatever is within the enclosed envelope. The best part about this show is that the mentalist already has the solution beforehand, as the spectators think.

  • Reading Body Language

Several individuals have been concerned about their bank accounts since mentalists can predict their PIN codes. However, can they reveal your darkest secrets? They cannot. Regardless, they’ve mastered the art of interpreting people’s body cues and facial emotions. They have proven that our actions reflect our thoughts for a long time.

The mentalist must pay great attention to an observer’s body cues and facial movements to correctly “interpret” their thoughts. Thus, the participants face the mentalist to ensure they don’t ignore any sign.

At that point, the mentalist asks questions regarding the number the viewer ponders while paying close attention to every aspect of the facial expression, observer’s tone, and motion. Assuming the mentalist wants to learn more on the statistics after that, they’ll ask more queries.

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