How do you Avoid Pest Infestation in your New Home


You may often wonder when and why pest control should be done in your apartment. It would be dependent on the kind of pests you encounter in your home or apartment. 

How often should you get pest control done in your apartment 

Consider pest control treatment for your apartment every two to three months or based on the type of pest infestation you encounter. It would be in your best interest to look for the best pest control services suitable for your specific needs without burning a significant hole in your pocket. The best Wisconsin top rated pest control service would guide you to undergo pest control occasionally based on the kind of pests infesting your apartment. They would recommend monthly pest treatment for severe infestation.

Do you require pest control for a new home 

You should not be complacent with pest control in a new home. Find below a few essential reasons for undergoing pest control in a new home. 

  • Newly constructed homes may have gaps or cracks along the foundation giving the right of way to pests. 
  • Your new home is open to the environment during the construction process enabling the pests to gain ease of access into your home. 
  • Most building materials used in the construction would be stored in open and damp conditions before being used. 
  • At times, insects would already be present in the building materials. 
  • New home has higher moisture levels, thereby attracting pests to it. 
  • Most new homes would be constructed in areas recently cleared, disturbing the dirt, grass, bushes, and trees where several pests reside. 
  • Leftover wood scraps would attract termites. 
  • Food scraps could attract fruit flies. 

Accumulations of sawdust behind walls could grow mildew. Several pests would feed on mildew and molds. 

Professional exterminators would focus on removing ants, rodents, and termites from your home and will ensure that these pests don’t get any easy way to enter your home. Therefore, you should not worry about pest infestations in your home or place of work once you hire them. If you are looking forward to keeping your home or business protected from pests, consider calling Positive Pest today.

Why hire a professional service 

Consider looking for a professional pest control and bat removal service to meet your specific needs. It would be in your best interest to look for quality services without hampering your budget in any way. A professional pest control company would be able to provide you a pest free and stress free home. 

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