How Do You Install A Cam On A Ford 302: A Step by Step Guide


Does your vehicle is accelerating slowly and is experiencing a drop in engine power? Well, it might be due to the failure of your car engine’s camshafts. So, it’s time to replace your car engine’s cam. Do you how to install a new cam on a Ford 302. If yes, how do you install a cam on a Ford 302? Are you doing it in the right way?

Well, we’ll discuss the right way to install the cam in this article. But, before diving into the main topic, we will also discuss what a camshaft is.

What is a camshaft?

camshaft is a metal-based rotating object with pointed cams which converts the rotational motion into reciprocal motion. It’s the essential components of the combustion engines and controls their ignition systems.

Camshafts are also crucial while finding out the RPM range of the power band of the engine.

How do you install a cam on a Ford 302?

Well, it’s time to know how do you install a cam on a Ford 302. No doubt, installing a new camshaft is advanced engine work and is pretty challenging. But, the proper technique and your car models manual can help you to do the job perfectly. Here is the detailed step by step process to install a cam on a Ford 302.

What tools do you need?

  • Pro cam lube
  • Torque wrench
  • Crankshaft socket
  • Camshaft degree kit
  • Engine repair manual for your car
  • Thread locking compound


Step 1: Remove the old camshaft and timing set:

Firstly you have to remove the old timing cover and timing set. For this purpose, your car’s engine manual can guide you the best. So, never hesitate to invest in the user’s manual.

Step 2: Clean and lubricate the new cam:

Secondly, clean everything you’re going to interact with, from the engine’s mounting surface to new camshafts. It might be obscure for you to clean the new cam. Well, it’s crucial.

  • You can soak the cam in solvent to remove dust or grease accumulated on it during transportation.
  • After washing, let the cam dry on your shop’s rags or paper towels.
  • Use oil conditioners to lubricate the cam bearings and lobes. Don’t apply the oil in a large amount.

Step 3: Install the timing gear:

  • Thirdly, install the lower timing gear. While installing the lower timing gear on the crankshaft, make sure the direction of the timing marks is outwards.
  • After that match the timing alignment of the timing gear with the manual. If it’s not matching, rotate the crankshaft to take the timing mark on the 12 o’clock position.

Step 4: Install the camshaft:

Lastly, you have to install the camshaft. Follow this step to install it properly:

  • Most importantly, you should check if the retaining plate is installed or not. Moreover, ensure the proper fitting of the retaining plate by using the “back – bottom” on the Ford thrust plates.
  • Install the camshaft temporarily.
  • Make sure the camshaft is in the position suggested by the manual. If it’s not in the correct position, you can rotate the camshaft until it is at 6 o’clock.
  • After that remove the camshaft gear and wrap the chain around it.
  • Install the camshaft bolts and fuel pump after mounting the camshaft gear at the proper position on the camshaft.


  • While removing the old camshaft, set aside each part carefully. Labelling could make the reinstallation process easy for you.
  • Before installing the camshaft, countercheck the camshaft’s part numbers with the manual. It will help you know if the equipment has any missing part.
  • Don’t forget to recheck the crankshaft timing mark and camshaft timing mark against the manual. Otherwise, your car has to experience severe engine damage.
  • During the installation process, cover the battery terminals. This step will keep you away from injuries.
  • Take help from the manual as the process of installing the camshaft varies from model to model.

Final thoughts..!!

To help you find the answer to how do you install a cam on a Ford 302 , we have enlisted all the steps. Follow these steps one by one carefully for proper installation of the camshaft. But at the same time, we recommend using your car engine’s manual because you can’t afford any mistake. Besides, make sure you have cleaned the new camshaft before installing because it is essential.