How do you progress Nordic curls?


Nordic has become a super workout for building strong and durable hamstrings in the world of fitness and strength training. The equipment provides a complete solution, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast trying to target your posterior chain or an athlete hoping to improve performance. In-depth discussion of the Nordic Curls’ correct form, tools, advantages, variants, injury prevention techniques, and other topics will be covered in this article. After you’re done reading, you’ll have all the information you need to successfully complete this difficult workout and enjoy its benefits.

Known About Nordic Curls

Nordic curls are a bodyweight exercise that target and strengthen the hamstrings. They are often referred to as Russian curls or the Nordic Hamstring Curl. The regulated lengthening of the muscle under strain during the eccentric phase of muscular contraction is the main area of attention. Because of their special focus on eccentric action, curls are an effective exercise for strengthening your hamstrings and avoiding injuries.

Process to do Nordic Curls on the lat pulldown

Follow the given below reason to perform the Lat pulldown exercise using the nordic equipment are:-

  • Start at the top of the lat pulldown with your feet firmly tucked down behind the knee rest. Even a higher setting may allow your feet to fall out, so make sure the knee rest—where his heels are, not the pad his knees are on—is as low as it gets. You can see that you should begin considerably tipped forward from the starting position.
  • As you gently descend (3–4 seconds) from an upright position toward the earth, keep your hands out of your pockets for protection. Our subject has an esky there to push off, as you can see. Whenever possible, begin with that (but on a bench) then, as your confidence grows, push off using the floor.
  • Using your hands, push off the bench or floor, being careful that your hamstrings move and “lift” you back to your starting position rather than your large torso thrust. Depending on how far you push yourself off the floor or bench, the exercise will vary in difficulty in terms of how easy or tough it is to get back to the beginning position.

It’s critical to keep in mind that you should descend gradually to the floor, taking three to four seconds, with your hamstrings providing the majority of the force. Once more, confirm that the knee pads on the lat pulldown are securely fastened and positioned low on the body.

It’s important to emphasize once more that the exercise becomes more difficult the less you push off the floor and the harder the rep is coming back up.

You should eventually be able to complete 8–10 repetitions. Additionally, as you gain skill, you’ll be able to push off the floor less and even hold the eccentric action for longer, giving your hamstrings additional work.

Various Benefits of using the nordic

The Nordic hamstring curl exercise has various benefits that come with incorporating it into your strength-training routine.

  • reduce the possibility of getting hurt : This workout promotes hamstring injury prevention by using your knee flexor muscles. The Nordic hamstring curl is a great way to reduce hamstring tension and increase knee joint mobility with frequent practice.
  • boost efficiency in other workouts : Perform the Nordic hamstring exercise to strengthen your hip extension and knee flexion if you’re a runner or soccer player looking to get better at sprinting. Your performance on strength-training activities like push-ups, hip thrusts, and deadlifts can also be enhanced by hamstring training.
  • Multipurpose : Use a dumbbell or kettlebell to practice a weighted hamstring curl variant, depending on your level of fitness. Use a resistance band to aid with the Nordic hamstring curl for a simpler variant.

Variations of exercise performed using the Nordic

Given below are the list of the carious exercise that can be performed using the equipment are:-

  • Eccentric Nordic Curls: This variant is a great place to start for novices because it just focuses on the eccentric phase. To go back to starting position, use your hands or help.
  • Partial Range Nordic Curls: Start off with a small range of motion and work your way up to the full range as your strength improves.
  • Full Nordic Curls: To get the most challenge and reward, master the whole workout by managing the descent and climb on your own.

In conclusion

A stronger hamstring, better athletic performance, and increased general fitness are all possible outcomes of mastering the Nordic Curl. To fully reap the benefits of this demanding yet gratifying workout, you must master good technique, include variations, and adhere to injury prevention techniques. In your training regimen, curls should be a top priority regardless of your level of athletic achievement.

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