How Do You Reduce Hair Dryer Noise?


The noise of a hair dryer can be annoying even for the calmest peoples. The maximum permissible noise level in residential premises in the daytime is about 55-60 dB, and at night this figure is lower. Most hair dryers are much louder. It doesn’t matter if you use it at home or in a salon, you don’t want to dry your hair under the roar of a plane taking off. How can this noise be reduced? What qualities of a dryer get worse for a lower noise level? And is a quiet hair dryer worth buying?

Why Should You Reduce the Noise?

Many modern models are loud, with powerful motors and fans that can dry your hair in minutes. Some of them go up to 100 dB, which equates to the loudness of a motorcycle. Just imagine how much stress your ears are experiencing since a device is located so close to them.

Noise pollution is as harmful as polluted air. Constant loud sound harms not only your body but also your psyche. Noise can cause insomnia, emotional exhaustion, impair the ability to rest, reduce visual acuity, reaction speed, weaken defense reactions, etc. Besides, it affects not only you but all those who live with you.

How to Do It?

One of the easiest ways is to get earplugs. Quality products can protect you from even the loudest sounds: passing cars, loud conversations, barking dogs, etc. Of course, they don’t completely block out noise; they just reduce its effect on your ears. Moreover, they will only save you from a loud hairdryer, and the others will still hear it.

When choosing a suitable place to style your hair, remember that sound waves bounce off the walls faster in a small room, which means they will have more impact on your ears. It is recommended to use a hairdryer in large rooms with soft furniture that absorbs noise if possible. In order not to annoy your neighbors with the rumble of a working device, do not forget to close a door.

Try to do the styling at the lowest possible power of your tool. Of course, it will increase the operating time but will reduce the noise level. Manufacturers produce models with ionization function and ceramic coating to make strands dry faster, even at low speeds and temperatures. Thanks to this, heat is distributed more evenly, and negative ions destroy water molecules. If you have curly hair or just need to dry your locks without styling, you can use a diffuser attachment. It will absorb some of the noise and reduce the overall volume.

You can also use a modern soft-touch/soft-feel coating. It perfectly dampens noise and vibrations and significantly reduces the volume of dryers. By combining this coating with a quality motor, it is possible to achieve an acceptable volume level without reducing your instrument’s overall power.

Usually, specialized quiet hair dryers are slightly more expensive than conventional models. If you do not want to spend extra money, you can look for a suitable device among well-known manufacturers’ products. As a rule, their models have the best build quality and are made with quality materials. If the body of the hairdryer is thick and heavy, it will make less noise.

Are Quiet Dryers Effective?

Now on the market, there are models of hair dryers that are positioned as “silent.” Even though they are not completely silent, the difference in volume level with classic tools is very noticeable. Most of these devices have less powerful motors and locks dry more slowly. That is why manufacturers develop and implement new technologies like dual airflow and ionization to make styling more efficient. Of course, they do work, but it affects the product price.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are simple ways to make your regular dryer less noisy. However, to protect yourself and your loved ones from unnecessary noise pollution, you should pay attention to specialized quiet hair dryers. In addition to the sounds emitted, they differ little from the classic models in terms of functionality.

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