How Do You Set One Tick on WhatsApp Even Though it’s Online?


There’s no way you haven’t seen those small ticks before if you’ve ever used WhatsApp. These are the little icons that appear underneath or right next to every single WhatsApp message you send, whether it be text, a picture, or a video. Unlike many existing messenger systems, WhatsApp came up with a novel way to update the recipient on the delivery status of a message.

WhatsApp’s tick indicates more than simply the delivery of a message. For example, one tick on WhatsApp means your message has been sent, two grey ticks indicate that it has arrived at its destination, and when the two grey ticks turn blue, it means the receiver has read your message.

What if, though, you just want to use WhatsApp to set a single tick while remaining online? This guide will show you how to accomplish your goal. So, let’s keep going.

How to Distinguish Between the Different Ticks on WhatsApp

Approximately how many ticks does WhatsApp have? And what do the various ticks indicate? As for the meaning of the ticks on WhatsApp, that’s also rather simple to understand.

The single grey tick on WhatsApp indicates that your message was delivered successfully, but the other user has not yet seen it. If you send a message over WhatsApp and the recipient sees two grey ticks instead of one, it means they have received your message.

Lastly, if the other user’s two grey WhatsApp ticks have become blue, you know for sure that they have read your message. WhatsApp displays a tiny time stamp on the side of or beneath each message, allowing you to determine when the message was sent, received, and viewed.

What Helps You Set One Tick On WhatsApp?

You’ll need to install GB WhatsApp app if you want to use WhatsApp single tick while remaining online. Simply put, WhatsApp hasn’t implemented this functionality yet.

Therefore, it is unavailable to you. This requires adding the GB WhatsApp add-on to your existing WhatsApp. Next, you’ll learn the below-mentioned, reliable method for activating WhatsApp’s single tick while still online.

Now you probably believe that we are aware of reports suggesting that GB WhatsApp compromises users’ privacy. Absolutely, you are right, and we don’t suggest you install GB WhatsApp on your phone since it is not a secure version of WhatsApp. But there’s one more thing: this application is the only one that meets your requirements and functions properly.

How to Download GB WhatsApp?

All you have to do is use the Google Play Store app to get GB WhatsApp. To acquire it, just search for “Download GB WhatsApp” and follow the installation instructions.

The next step is to register for GB WhatsApp using the number that will be used for the single-tick display.

If you install GB WhatsApp, an alternative app similar to WhatsApp, you’ll have access to a hidden feature called “Hide Double Tick,” which allows you to hide a blue tick while still displaying a single tick in WhatsApp.

How to Set Single Tick in WhatsApp?

Right after download and installation, you must follow a number of steps to activate a single tick on WhatsApp while staying online. Here is how to do it:

  • Open GB WhatsApp App
  • Tap on “3 Dots” (On Top Right Side)
  • Now Go to Settings
  • Tap on “Privacy and Security”
  • Now Tap on Contacts
  • Here You’ll Need to Check Mark Options “Hide Double Tick” and “Hide Blue Tick”

After checking these two boxes, your WhatsApp will automatically refresh after you tap “OK,” and the feature will be activated. Whether you’re chatting with someone on WhatsApp, none of your friends will be able to see a double tick, and neither of them will know that you’ve seen their message since there’s no way to tell if the message has been sent or not. This is the only approach guaranteed to work, so you can be certain that you’ll only see one tick on WhatsApp from now on.

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to know how to conceal the double tick in WhatsApp or how to disable the blue tick in the chat, you can find the answers in this article. Nonetheless, having this information expands our horizons, but it would have been preferable if everything had stayed in the realm of concepts.

WhatsApp’s official slogan is “Made for privacy exclusively” in order to guarantee that your data, whatever it may be, is protected and does not get into the wrong hands.

If, however, you are required to do this task using GB WhatsApp, then we have instructed you how to choose “Hide Blue Tick,” and “Hide Double Tick.”

WhatsApp will immediately start using your new preferences. That’s all there is to it. Well, be mindful that GB WhatsApp does not comply with WhatsApp’s security standards, but if you use the official version of WhatsApp over GB WhatsApp, you’ll have access to all of these extra features as well as the original app’s many more.

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