How Do You Store a Kayak in the Garage?

Several kayak owners don’t prepare enough for the space needed to store their kayaks. Having enough storage is crucial if you wish to keep your kayak safe and in excellent condition. What do you do when you’re looking for kayak storage?

How the kayak is stored is equally as important as purchasing a high-quality kayak. There are several excellent methods for storing kayaks outdoors, but most owners will choose to keep their kayaks in a garage. 

If you reside in a chilly area, storing your kayak in a garage should be your top priority. And the garage is the best place for most people. Several homeowners will choose to keep their kayaks in a garage because of space. 

In this piece, you will learn how to store a kayak in a garage. 

1. Wall-Mounted Rack

Choosing a wall-mounted rack will require you to have wall space. It is one of the best methods to keep several kayaks in the garage without using too much floor space. All you need to do is alter the studs below the sheetrock to support the kayak correctly. 

If you use the wall-mounted rack, you can keep two or more kayaks in a single section. When you begin planning how to use the garage space, you need to consider allowing enough space for the garage doors to open with ease.

You can find multiple wall-mounted racks online. For instance, a kayak rack from SUDOO will give you room to keep your kayak safe and the paddle below. If you love using DIY methods, a wall-mounted rack could be built quickly using PVC, PVC pipe joints, and wall-mounting brackets. Other products could be used properly. 

When choosing a wall-mounted rack, you need to make sure the rack is in excellent condition. Not only will the kayak remain in perfect condition, but it will be long-lasting. 

The primary benefit of this storage option is that it will be installed once. It will also offer you the best place to keep your kayaks every time you come back home from a long trip. 

2. Upright Storage

Kayaks could also be kept in the garage in an upright position. This is essential so that the kayaks don’t consume too much wall space. You will require a garage that’s a foot taller than the kayak’s length. 

This storage solution will be easy since the kayaks will need a specific number of straps and safe wall mounts where the straps could be attached. Of course, you need to always keep something below the kayak’s bow to keep it from reaching the ground.  

Like all the other mounted storage solutions, you will be required to ensure you get the right studs when installing the mounting item. With that being said, this will be less crucial when you want upright storage.  

This will happen because the kayak’s weight will be below the stern or bow. 

Apart from the weight being supported by the wall-mounted rack, the upright storage will use the straps, and you will not have to worry about the kayak falling. If you choose this solution, you will find storing your kayaks less stressful in the long-term. 

What You Need

Keeping your kayaks in an upright position can be an excellent choice for homeowners with tall garages. Also, it may be ideal for someone who doesn’t have time to install hardware. 

It is the best option for a kayak owner who opts for DIY techniques. If you have a tall garage with plenty of extra space between the ceiling and the vehicle, you can opt to use the overhead suspension system. Most kayakers who use their kayaks occasionally will love this method. 


Since all garages are not similar, the best kayak storage solution will be based on what you have. Even though you will find some ideal recommendations, you need to focus on your space. If your garage has enough wall space, the wall-mounted rack will be the best solution. It will be the best way to keep the kayak in a small garage. 

The ideal method to keep a kayak in a garage should be straightforward and budget-friendly. That’s why it is recommended to evaluate all the solutions available and choose one suitable for you. Several kayak storage solutions will work if you follow the right steps and use the right tools. If you wish to use DIY methods, several online platforms can help you when you need to store a kayak.