How do you use HomeRight finish Max paint sprayer?

It is important that you know what you are doing when you try something new. There are many people who wish to try out DIY options when at home. Trying these things out is not just fun but also can be a way of making good use of your time. While taking up professional help is always an option, the DIY method can be tried for small projects. This can apply well for small projects such as painting your furniture or other small things at home. Gone are the days when painting with brushes was considered a good option. These days people choose to use a spray paint to paint different things.

Advantages of spray painting

Painting with a brush can be particularly difficult when you need to have crannies and nooks covered. However, when you use spray painting methods this can be made a lot easier. You can always avoid drips and paint runs when you use the right paint sprayer when compared to using paint brushes. The other salient advantage that you have with using a sprayer is conserving paint. When you use a brush, you are likely to consume more paint compared to spray painting. There are many spray painters available in the market. Among them the HomeRight finish max paint sprayer is one that is easy to use. We look at how you can go about painting with adequate details for a newbie.

Steps involved with using a HomeRight finish max paint sprayer

Some people may end up thinking that using a paint sprayer is good enough and is easy. Although it is you would still have to follow the right steps. If you are not, chances of getting a good finish with whatever that you are hoping to paint is unlikely. So, let’s look at the step by step guide on how to paint using a HomeRight finish max paint sprayer.

Knowing your finish max sprayer

It is important that you know your finish max sprayer before you get started as you are a newbie. Going through the instructions carefully is one of the basic things to do after unpacking the package. In case you still have your concerns, you can always look at tutorial videos on YouTube to get started.

Preparation of the space

Getting the paint space prepped up where you intend to paint is important. Since you are about to use a paint sprayer you are likely to spray the area with paint. So, covering the area with plastic tarps or carboard that is not used is a good idea. This would ensure that that the space that you are painting at does not get affected.

Preparing the things that is supposed to be painted

This is one of the most important tasks before you begin to spray paint. Prepping the item that has to be painted with a TSP substitute would be a good idea. This is a good idea for beginners as opposed to using trisodium phosphate powder. Using a pair of gloves and a sponge you can wipe the entire area that has to be painted. This helps the surface to be prepared in a way that the paint can stick better.

Basic things to get started

Some basic things to have handy before you start the paint job.

  • Paint and primer: You can choose to use a primer before you coat the item with paint.
  • Paint cleaning liquid
  • A container of clean water:Dipping the paint covered tools or equipment in clean water would keep the paint from drying. It can avoid any unnecessary clogs.
  • Stirring stick: Keep a stick handy that is either metal or steel to stir the paint.
  • A ladle
  • Viscosity cup:This is included in the max paint sprayer package that you purchased.
  • Paint brushes: Keep them handy in case you have to wipe out drips or runs. Trust us, you would need them as a beginner.
  • Extension cord: You might require this if you wish to paint items that are a little complex, like chairs with corners.

Get the reservoir ready

Get the reservoir ready with the paint or the primer that you wish to use for the first coat. Once the exact measurement is filled up make sure that you mix it up with a ladle. This would ensure that your paint is as thin as it requires to be.

Put on your safety gear

One of the most important things that people often ignore. Using protective gear like goggles, facemask and gloves can ensure you do not cause damage to yourself. Remember, paint can even cause permanent damage to your eyes.

Start spraying the paint

Once you are geared up, screw the reservoir to your paint sprayer. If there is a specific pattern in your mind you can choose that for painting. Now you can begin to spray the paint on the item that you wish to have painted. Always remember that you should not hold the sprayer in one place for too long. This can end up in you having drips and runs and hence has to be avoided. You should also spray 4 inches away from the object that has to be painted. Ensure that you do not try to have the perfect paint coverage when you are doing it the first time. You might rather choose to have multiple thin layers of painting done instead. Always remember to move the sprayer in either horizontal or vertical lines. This has to be done without twisting your wrist by any means. This can ensure that your painting is even and not all over the place. Always begin with one edge and end with another. This is how you ensure that the paint is spread all across the item you want to paint.

Note: You can use this paint sprayer for polyurethane.


After allowing the coat to dry you might want to use a sanding sponge. This is to clean the drips and runs that were cause during spraying. Once this is done you can choose to re-do the process again. This time you can clean the reservoir with cleaning liquid that you have purchased. Then you can proceed to paint the item with the color of paint that you have chosen. Always remember that you are not likely to get the perfect finish the first time around.

This means trying the max paint sprayer on an item in the garage first may be a wise choice. Once you get to master the art of painting you can move on to more complex items. These complex items mean the ones that you are likely to place in your living room or inside your house.