How Does A Load Bearing Wall Impact Interior Design?


Remodeling a home is no mean feat even for the most qualified or talented professional. It can take a long time and hard work to design a beautifully realized home but the end result can be a masterpiece that will never go out of style. However, one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a homeowner when redesigning your home is to damage a load bearing wall

What’s A Load-Bearing Wall? 

As the name suggests, a load-bearing wall is a wall that carries the weight of the roof structure or a floor. In most cases, these walls are made using materials such as bricks or concrete. This enables them to carry the massive weight of the structure helping it to be stable, firm, and strong even during seasons of heavy winds or earthquakes. 

One of the biggest questions many individuals have when purchasing a home and especially an old home is whether the load-bearing walls will impact the interior design they have in mind. The answer to this question is yes. Some load-bearing walls especially in old multi-story buildings should never be tampered with as they could affect the safety of the entire house. 

However, if you feel that the load-bearing wall is getting in the way of your interior design and you really need to pull it down, be sure to take extra precaution and ensure that the structure is well supported during the removal. Permanent beams with columns are usually a recommended replacement but ensure you do get the best option that will achieve your desired aesthetics. 

If heating, plumbing, or electrical lines pass through that wall, removing that wall can prove to be such a challenging task and only the most qualified professional can handle this task without making errors. Before you embark on a remodeling task ask for recommendations and check up architects’ reputations before making the final choice. 

Changing Your Home Floor Plan? Here Is What You Need to Know

In the recent past, many homeowners have embraced the open-concept layout for their home as the wide open feel is quite popular. This is because open concepts utilize natural lighting effectively, make the home look bigger and spacious, and are more family-friendly. 

Many older homes have a closed floor plan and this can pose a challenge when moving from one room to another. When you have guests over at your home, hallways can get a little crowded and for the chefs assigned to make the meals, their experience can be a very lonely and isolating one since the walls block them away from all the socializing when they are cooking. 

Stuck in a home that has too many walls? Do not worry. You can have those walls removed including the load-bearing walls in order to utilize space or give the home a modern look with confidence that the home will not cave in one day. 

The first thing you need to do is to locate all the interior walls that are load-bearing. Older homes are more likely to have gone through several modifications and expansions. Therefore, the original exterior walls could now be inside the home. Be sure to get the original plans for your home and if you are not able to identify the load-bearing walls by yourself, consult with an architect, the original contractor, or a remodeling contractor. 

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