How does Homework Help Students in Studies?

Homework is a part of a student’s daily study process, the teachers in the school teach their students in the class and send them their homework related to the same topic. It helps the students to clarify their doubts while studying in the class.

We have very little time to study each subject in school, so the teachers ask their students to be prepared with the topic they will teach the next day.

It depends on the student’s grade in which they are studying, like if he/she is in the 1st – 3rd grade they have an average homework time of 3.5 hours, and when the level increases their homework also increases.

Some students feel their homework burden and some feel it like their responsibility.

Many great studies clarify that much homework leads to student distraction from studies.

According to the big education organisations every high-school student needs sufficient resources to study. But unfortunately they don’t know about these advanced resources available online.

To help them in their learning we have presented this article, it has different digital ways to study online and get benefits from these methods.

See these Easy methods to Complete your Homework and Assignments on Time

Different Methods to Study Online for Free

Get Registered with some Education Platform Online

Get Registered with some Education Platform Online

In the USA, there are lots of online platforms for helping the students in their study and completing their assignments.

One famous site for student help was Textsheet, but it is now closed due to some copyrights reasons. But you can try the various alternatives to Textsheet from the internet.

These online education websites provide very effective resources to students for study online without fear.

The websites like Chegg, Slader and Studylib provide the accurate textbook solutions on their websites for helping the students in completing their assignments and projects.

You can also take their topic wise lectures and notes for better understanding the concept or topic thoroughly.

Take Help from Youtube

Take Help from Youtube

There are lots of talented and qualified teachers on youtube who invested their money and time to provide the best educational services to the students accessing globally.

They provide the series of lectures which includes in-depth topic coverage with the examples in every subject.

Download the Necessary Notes and Books from Internet

Download the Necessary Notes and Books from Internet

The website like Google Books and books library helps the students in finding the best available books for any subject in the market.

You can download and read these virtual books freely from these sites.

You just need to fill the book name and author name, these websites will show the links to buying them at the lowest possible price online.

These are some easy and accessible ways for the students for studying online freely.

Now see the various benefits and harmfulness of homework for students.

homework for students


Homework helps students to understand the topic thoroughly 

Once the teacher explains any topic in the class, they tell students to cover the same topic in the homework so that they can easily understand the topic without such efforts.

Homework helps to reinforce learnings

Homework acts as an agent to judge how much the students understand the topic.

When the students follow the terms of what he/she learned in class work they easily get their textbook solutions within minutes.

Homework allows Parents to Track their Student’s Growth

When the parents are involved with the help with homework, their child’s performance and growth increases.

It helps many economically unfit students to learn from their parents, they don’t have many resources like laptop internet to learn from but their parents can solve their major problems while studying.

Some Major Harmful effects of Homework

Some Major Harmful effects of Homework

Too much Homework is Harmful

When the level of homework increases according to the student study level, they feel it like a burden and their stress level and many health issues increases.

Due to which many big countries have taken many steps to avoid homeworks for the students before 6th Grade.

Excessive Homework Leads to Cheating

The major effect of excessive homework which the experts find, leads to cheating.

Even the great surveys on students’ homework says 80% of students cheat homework from someone else’s notes.

It affects their learning and they also become irresponsible towards their studies.

Homework may Affect the Students Interests in Study

It is difficult for the lower economy students to complete their homework(when it is lengthy or time taking).

Many of the US students who belong to the lower economy need to work part-time to get money for their livelihood.

It is not easy for them to invest their whole time in their homework.


A Student faces many challenges in his/her career life, but the one who struggles and faces all these challenges with his power, they will succeed.

Like if we talk for homework or for study both need the concentration and dedication for becoming something in life.

This article covers the major ways to study online for free, and we have also shown various advantages and disadvantages of homework in a student’s life.

Hope you understand these ways and now you will take benefits from these ways in completing your homework and assignments on time.