How does HR benefit from cloud based platforms?


Sitting in the back office and dealing with the piles of paperwork is what HRs in the 90s used to do. With the onset of the digital era and cloud-based solutions, HRs have also become tech savvy.  HRs have to deal with a lot of administrative and record keeping tasks, doing which has become easy with cloud platforms. Not only does it help in eliminating paperwork but it also helps by enabling the automation of a lot of other processes too.

As soon as the cloud technology started spreading its wings in various sectors, it also started grabbing the attention of HR leaders.

Cloud-based solutions can help by automating many of the data heavy HR processes, such as timesheet submission, performance reviews, and vacation requests. Cloud computing allows HR managers to deal with bigger fishes while not having to worry about their small, repeatable, day-to-day tasks.

Some of the major benefits that HRs have while moving their work to cloud are:

1. Onboarding/Recruiting made easy

Recruitment process involves processing many resumes, interview scheduling and rolling out of job offers. These were earlier managed through software which requires manual processing. It led to many manual errors to arise. With cloud-based software, bulk computing becomes easy and inefficiencies can be avoided.

Onboarding employees, which requires a lot of paperwork, handouts, and training can also be handled by cloud-based platforms like cloud academy. It creates a custom plan for your employees and gives them all kinds of training starting from the compulsory compliances of the company to job based training that helps them perform better at their day-to-day responsibilities.

2. Automates Processes

One of the major tasks of HRs is to make sure that every employee copes up with the changing compliances of the organization. With cloud-based solutions, it becomes easy to provide automatic software updates accurately and on a timely basis to all the employees.

Every year, new business regulations pop up, such as privacy requirements for employee data and overtime related norms. Cloud based solutions have built-in applications with advanced reporting capability, generating reports for compliance purposes. This makes it easier for HRs to track if the employees are following these norms and at the same time, automate all the communications about the changes in compliance to concerned employees.

3. Provides Data Security

HR data is sensitive, contains a lot of demographic and financial information of the employees. It is often a safety concern for businesses while providing contracts to cloud vendors. Thankfully, most of the cloud HR software companies take security very seriously. They conveniently have all the latest processes in place to safeguard your company’s sensitive data.

The primary focus while designing cloud software is to maintain security, with apps and data being hosted remotely, and encrypted data being sent to the client side only on a need basis. The second focus is to manage and restrict both physical access and ID based access to data.

4. 24*7 employee access

With cloud-based platforms it becomes easy to apply for leaves, approving it, filing for taxes, filing timesheets whenever needed. Every resource of your company has 24*7 access to the system. Compare this with the old times when you used to submit a leave application over email and wait for hours/days to get a reply. This has all become easy with cloud-based solutions.

Not only that, cloud-based software can help with employee assessment, promotion, increment, and retention operations. By analysing the data across the organisation, it can predict the employees who may be at risk of disappointment or on a declining performance curve so that you can address the issues proactively.

5. Increases Employee Engagement

With cloud-based platforms, employees are able to share creative and innovative ideas with one another easily just like in an email chain or MS teams. This not only helps employees engage with one another but also engage with the company in an open and honest way.

Cloud HR solutions create a competitive benefit by helping organizations manage workforce trends, with easier access to insights and reporting. It helps in recognizing trends in searching for candidates that fit best within the organization.


Cloud-based platforms are proving to provide amazing benefits to the HRs. Cloud helps in adding more agility and flexibility to their process, recruiting best talent, making the company better at innovation and elevates their performance. Companies who have not yet migrated to the cloud yet will be left behind and thus hindering the company’s ability to grow and compete.

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