How does it feel to be your own travel counselor?

The act of traveling holds a special place in the hearts of most people around the globe. It is often not as much of an action. Instead, it can form a lifestyle for the countless people surrounding us, even those who cannot pursue such a lifestyle. The idea of exploring new locations, cultures, and everything such travel entails, is nothing short of a dream for most people.

Often, traveling for a common man like you and me could seem like a daunting task as a whole. Consequently, such individuals prefer to hire a travel counselor to guide them better through such endeavors. Considering that these specialists maintain up-to-date and the best possible knowledge about all details necessary for the trip, it is often viewed as the preferable option.

Travel counselors help you plan your trip in the most cost and utility-efficient manner. Although, hiring such an individual or seeking professional help can prove to be quite costly. However, nullifying a considerable part of the overall benefit extracted from the service in the first place can be of more significant usage. To undercut high traveling costs, travelers often try to brush up on their knowledge about traveling and becoming travel counselors. Here are seven tips to guide you on how you can be your travel counselor.

1. Seek professional travel education

People that love to travel seek every bit of information regarding every destination. However, this is a step that is not necessary for you to feel like a travel counselor. Yet, it is essential if you want to become a professional travel counselor. To set up your travel agency or even act as a tour guide for private individuals, you must gain a relevant degree.

In today’s ever-growing online community, it is easier to gain a wide variety of knowledge by pursuing a travel and tourism degree online. Such is the need for an official license to practice as a travel counselor in many countries. So, if you want to feel like a travel guide, one way is actually to become one. But since it is a timely process, only people that are passionate to explore should go forward with this tip.

2. Ensure your love for traveling

A travel counselor is someone that holds unconditional love for his/her profession and everything it entails. Such is the kind of dedication and enthusiasm required actually to become a travel counselor. A person who often gets tired and has the least knowledge might not explore countless world destinations.

Learning all about these destinations, the geography, culture, language, and even tricks are essential to save time and money. Most tourists feel motivated to expand their journey further, only if they have a reliable counselor who also provides good company. All of these characteristics are important as they ensure a trip that is your best possible option. Thus you need to make sure that traveling is not something you love, but it has your mind and heart. The more passionate you are, the more chances to earn high.

3. Research your socks off

One of the travel counselor’s main tasks is to dig deep in research for every destination in context. In fact, in many cases, a travel counselor reflects upon his/her knowledge regarding several great destinations. Luckily, researching yourself can benefit from filtering out all the extra work as you already know your destination.

It helps you to extract every bit of relevant details regarding the trip. From planning out the itinerary and the best time to travel considering conveyance, costs, and climate conditions, to find out the best deals in accommodation and places to explore, everything is at your fingertip. The process of planning the most convenient trip requires you to burn the midnight fuel for it. Considering it is an essential part of feeling like a travel counselor.

4. Understand the benefits

A counselor must understand the benefits and rewards of the whole process of planning a trip for others. Unfortunately, after all the struggle and hard work, travel counselors commonly receive only a monetary incentive for planning the best trip. Although, it is still satisfying.

The idea of planning a meaningful trip can be just more rewarding if you end up following the plan yourself. It can further provide you valuable cost cuts, along with the opportunities to learn and explore the most exotic destinations. Being a counselor also allows you to work as a PR officer, serving as a linkage between the hospitality industry and tourists.

5. Plan for contingencies

A tour guide or planner often has to use critical insights and information from their past experiences. A reliable travel counselor is one who always plans for the worst possible scenario. The idea allows you to remain aware of the potential uncertainties that might spoil your holiday. For example, a stormy season at the geographical location you want to visit could easily disrupt and delay flight schedules.

It could also spike the airfare for traveling to specific places that might compromise your travel’s overall feasibility. A backup plan that is sufficient to deal with contingencies is vital to avoid regretting your trip only because of external circumstances. Also, try to reconsider your experiences to help yourself in unpleasant situations. Being extra cautious and well prepared is also crucial in retaining your client’s trust.

6. Always create connections

Developing and sustaining connections with the locals is one of the most useful tips for anyone who loves to explore. In the tourism industry, it is crucial to create healthy relationships throughout your tour points. As such, connections with hotel personnel, local tour guides, restaurant owners, and the residents can prove very beneficial to different instances. You can always contact such people and make arrangements for your corresponding travels to the same location beforehand and without much hassle.


In conclusion, the travel and tourism industry has many travel counselors to support the demands. Yet, learning to become your travel guide is just a smart way to save your time and resources. Although, you may require an official degree to pursue a career in counseling. You can easily opt for a considerable number of practices that can aid your travel plans and make you feel like a travel counselor in your capacity.

Since most people fail to fulfill their love for traveling, the seven tips mentioned above are vital to understand how traveling guides function. You can easily imitate the following to feel like one on your own!